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Native Instruments Maschine Workshop Featuring Ski Beatz – Sam Ash Music Manhattan


Ski Beatz, rapper and producer, and Stoni, a Native Instruments Product Specialist, give a Maschine Studio workshop at Sam Ash Manhattan. Ski and Stoni cover chopping samples, time stretching, changing tempo, using the Maschine in a DAW, and more.

Tha Bizness: Making Kendrick Lamar's "Sherane" with MASCHINE


MASCHINE as their primary creative tool, using its advanced effects to give tracks such as Sherane their cutting-edge sound texture. The guys also love recording into the MASCHINE sampler, using it a professional sound design tool and tweaking the results to perfection. ]]>

MacBook Pro Touch Bar and Logic Pro X for touch-enabled music production


Bitwig, Ableton Live, Cubase, Reason… you may find this little free software as a gamechanger. It is called MIDI Touchbar – essentially it is MIDI controller for all your DAWs or you can even use it with standalone Native Instruments Reaktor or Maschine or just map it to your favorite VST plugins. Just setup IAC driver in Audio/MIDI Settings in MacOS and you’re good to go – you’ll see a little MIDI icon on the laptop’s touch bar and you can play notes or move the faders. Of course for your music production software you can setup iPad or iPhone and coupled with MIDI apps or super-powerful Lemur app you can control anything. But sometimes it is nice to work on just a laptop without anything connected. ]]>

UAD 9.1 – new SSL Channel strip, Moog Filter, SubBass generator and more


Universal Audio updated their UAD software package to 9.1. New plugins are: new and updated SSL Channel Strip and bus compressor, updated Moog Filters with lots of new features and 3 new plugins from brainworx and Softube. First and most important update of UAD plugins is the new SSL channel strip. It expands Unison – enabled channel strip line of Neve, API, UA 610 and Manley VoxBox. SSL would definitely be one of the most popular option for the UAD users. As Universal Audio says: it is “exacting end-to-end circuit emulation that goes far beyond UA’s original standard-defining SSL 4000 E Channel Strip plug-in” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJypbaR-ESM Another amazing addition is the rebuilt Moog Filter. Recently Moog discontinued their API500 – series filter module, but this time UA doesn’t emulate one exact analog device and rather explores what modern filter plugin needs. So they implemented typical character of Moog ladder filters and added lots of modulation possibilities to it: 2 LFOs, Envelope follower, step sequencer. It is funny that just a few months ago Arturia has released very similar plugin and gave it away for free. But we all love UAD for the quality they provide – it is always the closest analog circuit emulation you can ever imagine. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ihJbYj3O4cI Check all the latest plugin deals]]>

Reason 9 announced


iDesignSound Reason 9 is coming in June with new MIDI features, Audio to MIDI and pitch editor for audio. Though it is unconfirmed by Propellerheads those news seems to be true as was discussed on reasontalk, KVR and other forums. ]]>

How to create drum variations in Maschine


Mike Huckaby is a renowned electronic music producer and DJ from Detroit, the founder and owner of the deep house and techno labels Deep Transportation and S Y N T H. Huckaby is also highly regarded for his remix work for Juan Atkins, Vladislav Delay, Pole, Loco Dice, and many other respected producers.

In his first video tutorial for Dubspot, Mike shows you how to generate drum variations and music production ideas using Native Instruments’ Maschine.

“Generating creative ideas on a regular basis is a problem for many electronic producers, across the board. Often an individual can’t get motivated enough to start or finish a track, find or create compatible sounds concerning a project, or more importantly, can’t find the creative spark for days, weeks or even longer periods of time. In this tutorial I would like to demonstrate a creative workflow which will enable a Maschine user to find several, or even hundreds of ideas from within a single Maschine session.” – Mike Huckaby

Huckaby uses Maschine as an idea-generating tool, not merely for production but for coming up with exciting compositions and sounds. After creating 64 different drum patterns, he explains and demonstrates how you can access, switch or combine the patterns using the pads and bank selectors to find different elements. He also offers some essential tips and techniques for producing with Maschine, including searching through the sound library, compiling templates, and using NI’s plug-in effects and instruments including Reaktor, Guitar Rig, and FM8.

Serum synth updated to v 1.1 with Image to Wavetable import


Here what’s new:
added: PNG (image) to WT import -> drag PNG to WT, it load PNG, stretches to internal 2048×256 size, maps luminance to WT amplitudes.
added: preference for preventing MouseWheel to change controls (knobs/number boxes/switches/etc).
added: alt-click on Matrix mod source (and Aux source) menus: batch re-assign all entries w/ same source to the new selection.
fix: ModWheel->WT pos preference was not saving
fix: clearing note / velo graph (using context menu) wasn’t visually updating immediately
fix: selecting FX rack presets for Filter were not updating the Filter type label immediately
fix: delay FX module would on occasion create audio clicks (when setting/modulating delay time)..
fix: Remove DC Offset in WT Editor wasn’t functioning correct (only partial DC elimination + potential clipping).
fix: right-click to reset an env curve wasn’t working correctly (it visually would update, but it wasn’t updating in DSP)
fix: mod source menus had checkmark set wrong in some cases
fix: adjusting polyphony limit while a new note is triggered could lead to a crash
fix: presets which were not accessible due to permissions could cause a crash on database scan