Tha Bizness: Making Kendrick Lamar's "Sherane" with MASCHINE


MASCHINE as their primary creative tool, using its advanced effects to give tracks such as Sherane their cutting-edge sound texture. The guys also love recording into the MASCHINE sampler, using it a professional sound design tool and tweaking the results to perfection. ]]>


  1. I just got into maschine and I have been trying to see how to get vocals into it as well as how to record the bass instrument just as in the video. Any suggestions or videos on how to make it happen? Thank you!

  2. everything in here feels like the story thats being told. lustful party encounter, building up to meeting up, especially that drive to where she stay, butv then for everything to go south in the end just releases that eerie tension u get from start of it. its like u know something was gonna go wrong

  3. I want to be a producer but if you can make the beat in maschine then how do u make the bridge and does Kendrick rap in maschine or another software(and if so what software)

  4. man thats wasup I'm hyped motivated from watchin this (" gettin ready to get a Maschine myself ready to take it to the next level musically and just watchin all these talented cats puttin Maschine to work ….can't wait (" Peace

  5. Man I remember this vid, takes it back when I first heard the GKMC snippets, before 10/22, on the way home from school and I got the chills knowing Dot had something great in his hands! #TDE