1. The tweaks that most people need don't arrive at once, there's always a wait for basic needs fr the majority of Logic X users.

  2. Not trying to be a hater, but some of the features you described are not new…especially thr last one. patterns have always been consistent across scenes and changing a pattern in one scene always changed it everywhere. Thats not new. And Maschine will never try to be a full DAW. Thats just dumb to consider.

  3. please help. how can use a kit from library and use it?? when i try and play back its playing the music the kit already was. i want to create a new one with the kit. I am a total newbie. i knew how in 2.0

  4. as a Bitwig user, this is a welcome addition, it works a lot like Bitwig's arrangement view, which I am already familiar with (and with a Jam controller, the workflow is similar in Bitwig as well)

  5. Still Maschine records itself when you have dragged your midi patterns to your DAW but then decide to record 1 extra hihat in another group. This is a step in the good direction though, it only should have been already there for years.

  6. Good video but lol you are demonstrating new sequencer features and not DAW features (I don't see any audio tracks do you?). So this is no step towards a "fully fledged DAW", this is a step towards improving the sequencer (and it's about time!!).