Native Instruments Maschine Workshop Featuring Ski Beatz – Sam Ash Music Manhattan


Ski Beatz, rapper and producer, and Stoni, a Native Instruments Product Specialist, give a Maschine Studio workshop at Sam Ash Manhattan. Ski and Stoni cover chopping samples, time stretching, changing tempo, using the Maschine in a DAW, and more.


  1. Wonderful lecture! I use Maschine totally different but I'm learning so much. Maschine is super and works a lot of different ways. I love it. Love it. Love it. Love the video too! Thank you!

  2. the MPC touch got the sequencer on it now… anybody think either or is better? i really just got it for drums anyway so it wouldn't bother me to get something else for sampling or just period for different uses… also what are good DAWs cuz I started on FL and it was so easy for me, theres something I don't like about Logic now I'm on Mac, thinking about Ableton, protools… idk just a thought