1. I can appreciate the skills it takes to do this shit, but the music isn't really even good. If I didn't see him making it, I'd never want to hear anything like this. It's all over the place and rather cacophonous.

  2. I think this guy does not care whether you like it (music) or not. He just creating music, and he is all inside of what he is doing. In Ukraine we have the phrase 'ловити кайф' (there is no exact translation of it, but could sound like he is “taking his dose of cocaine`) 🙂 🙂 🙂 )

  3. Had a great privilege meeting Jeremy Ellis in person at Grand Star Jazz Club Live. Very down to earth individual. Amazing skills on the NI.

  4. It sounds cool,.. but I would be embarrassed if this is the only thing i knew how to play and I paraded myself around as a musician… I don't have a clue about this Jeremy Ellis guy and maybe he's a multi instrumentalist,…. but I'd lose a lot of respect if this is all he knew how to do.. Its sooooo much more impressive to see someone play a real instrument,.. giutar, keyboards,.. real drums,.. I think this is a great compliment to a live performance if you loop it and then add real musical instruments on top of it,.. plus singing and or free style stuff to take it up a notch.. Otherwise watching just a guy with great rhythm on his fingers gets boring..

  5. and 100s of people buy this and realise they simple cant do any thing like this, its a hard sell, like Vincent van gogh selling canvas and sable brushes and paint, and painting starry night, you too can do this.