Serum synth updated to v 1.1 with Image to Wavetable import


Here what’s new:
added: PNG (image) to WT import -> drag PNG to WT, it load PNG, stretches to internal 2048×256 size, maps luminance to WT amplitudes.
added: preference for preventing MouseWheel to change controls (knobs/number boxes/switches/etc).
added: alt-click on Matrix mod source (and Aux source) menus: batch re-assign all entries w/ same source to the new selection.
fix: ModWheel->WT pos preference was not saving
fix: clearing note / velo graph (using context menu) wasn’t visually updating immediately
fix: selecting FX rack presets for Filter were not updating the Filter type label immediately
fix: delay FX module would on occasion create audio clicks (when setting/modulating delay time)..
fix: Remove DC Offset in WT Editor wasn’t functioning correct (only partial DC elimination + potential clipping).
fix: right-click to reset an env curve wasn’t working correctly (it visually would update, but it wasn’t updating in DSP)
fix: mod source menus had checkmark set wrong in some cases
fix: adjusting polyphony limit while a new note is triggered could lead to a crash
fix: presets which were not accessible due to permissions could cause a crash on database scan