Workflow Techniques for Maschine 2+ & Logic Pro X

Maschine tutorials :

In this video we take a look at some different workflow techniques for using Maschine 2 (v2.4.0) with Logic Pro X (v10.2.2).

Initially we look at how we can quickly export sounds from Maschine as audio for a much quicker workflow.

Then we go on to explore how can we can set up Maschine as a multi output instrument and route tracks externally into Logics mixer, and also how we can set up the MIDI input in Maschine so we can trigger MIDI parts in Logics main window.

If you are using Maschine 2.2 or earlier, please refer to the previous video we did on this subject, as there were some changes implemented to the MIDI input settings as of v2.3:


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