Workflow Demonstration – Komplete Kontrol + Maschine 2.2

In this video, I show how the Komplete Kontrol keyboards integrate with Maschine. If you have any questions not listed below in the FAQ, please comment so I can get back to you!

Q: Do I need the Komplete Kontrol plugin that comes with Komplete/Komplete Ultimate 9/10?

A: No, all you need is the Maschine 2.2 update and the keyboard.

Q: If I have the Mikro, would a Kontrol keyboard offer the same workflow as the MK1/MK2/Studio?

A: Not completely. The knobs can be used to control modules and plugins in Maschine’s FX chains. You can also record automation of FX parameters from the keyboards. They cannot, however, be used for features such as sampling, pattern/scene editing, slicing, navigation, etc.

Q: What do the Kontrol keyboards have to offer for Maschine users over other MIDI keyboards?

A: Things just work so much more easily. Transport controls, browsing from the keyboard, navigating sounds and groups, chords/scales/arps. Yes the keyboards are pricey, but if you value a tightly integrated workflow that is already set up for you, they deserve consideration, I believe.

Q: How do chords/scales/arps work from the keyboard?

A: Very similarly to how the Maschine hardware works with the 2.2 update. The full sequence of notes is recorded, not just the note you play on the keyboard. So, if you’re playing chord sets from the keyboard, every note of every chord will be recorded into Maschine’s sequencer.

Q: How do the keys feel?

A: Very good. As good as a keyboard can be without being fully weighted, in my opinion.

Q: What’s the deal with the touchstrips?

A: They take getting used to, but it wasn’t a dealbreaker for me. They can do things conventional pitch/mod wheels cannot do, but I don’t see myself using those much. Overall, it’s just fine.

Thanks for watching! I sincerely appreciate all of the support.


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  • QTAL

    Hmmm, I'm still debating between the S49 and the Akai Advance 49. Having to plug in the s49 to a power source along with usb and the fact that it comes with sounds that already came with my MK2 turns me off, BUT lighting scales and auto chords along with functioning Maschine transport controls is dope, but can be done by the MK2 as well(a shame you cant map outside midi controllers to utilize transport controls).The integration is A1, but seems pretty redundant functionally outside of the keys if you already have Maschine.(i currently use an Axiom 49). The Akai with the VIP software could provide a new dynamic in the workflow and more versatile with lets say FL Studio, but not being quite as smooth as the S49 with maschine of course…..any thoughts?

  • Afungang Music

    You are very knowledgeable my good sir! Thanks for the video and I aspire to get a set up like this. I got a Maschine MK2, now I'm saving up for my Komplete Kontrol, and hopefully get to be as knowledgeable with my gear.

  • DJ Sangbang

    Nice Video! I have the maschine mikro and I'm just having a hard time making melodies because im limited to the scale presets on only 16 pads. i have no skill in playing the piano, but I know how to use the scale and chord modes and I can make melodies just fine. Do you recommend the komplete kontrol keyboard with 25 keys as a small addition to my station? I'm thinking this will be one of my things on black friday shopping wishlist

  • Flavio Jerome

    Thanks for the video, very useful stuff! At the end, you play around with the touch strips–I'm wondering: if you'd recorded that, would Maschine also have recorded the pitch modulation?

  • Mathieu Dussouchet

    Thanks for the video man, very useful. Can you help me with this problem:
    I am using Maschine 2.4 with mikro maschine mk2 and the Komplete Kontrol S25. For recording effect automation, I can do it from the Mikro mk2 hardware(simply by pressing the button "shift" while I am modulating effects), but I can't do it from the Komplete Kontrol S25: when I am modulating effects with the S25 faders and I am pressing shift button, nothing is recorded. Do you know how do to record automation from Komplete Kontrol S25? Thanks for the help.

  • Andrew Smolin

    Awesome video. Thanks! I'm trying to figure out somewhat of the reverse scenario. I'd like to access the Maschine groups and sample instruments OUTSIDE of the Maschine software in the Komplete Kontrol browser. I want to be able to record maschine sounds directly into my DAW (logic). There doesn't seem to be an easy way to do that so I'd prefer just accessing these sounds outside of the Maschine plugin. Any ideas?

  • steve akerley

    hey andrew, love the vids – do you have, or can you make a video showing hardware setup with s61 and maschine, using maschine 2.2, including cabling (preferably into a macbook but not necessary). thats my setup but i am having problems switching between s61 and maschine for recording different sounds. for instancei prefer the pads for beats. thanks if you can. NI materials are woefully inadequate on some basis issues.

  • Bry Eggleton

    I have Maschine Mikro and N61 integrated, when I try to press record on N61 it plays notes for some reason and the sample won't change on the keys. Any idea what's going on here?

  • Shaune Walter

    First of all I would like to thank you for the informative video. Is it possible to get all 16 sounds of a single group i.e. Group A, on a single keyboard instance rather than having to browse through the sounds to play them individually?

  • J Ru

    Hey Andrew great vids I'm a subscriber. I have a good question for you. It looks like if you just went with the Maschine software and the Komplete Kontrol keyboard that you wouldn't even need to go with or buy the Maschine Studio hardware. I was just looking at getting a set up with NI, getting the Maschine Studio and then a cheap keyboard to play it when I needed it. But it looks like you're able to do everything straight from the keyboard and bypass the studio altogether. What do you think about this? Am I wasting my money getting both, or should I or can I just do it all from the KK keyboard? Thanks for your help

  • LD Wyze

    How are these hooked up together?  If I get a complete audio 6, komplete control s49 and maschine studio (for example), how do I hook these all together to my computer?  How are the midi cables connected?  Anyone know?

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