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  • Caprice Dixon

    It's getting better in maschine. You can Copy and paste whole scenes with the mouse now. Which makes arranging soooo much better. I need them to work out a better plug in window. A better way to really mix.

  • Daves music

    Im interested in push 2 but every video i watch demonstrating it is always a single loop built up, i have never seen chord changes for another section of the song or going from a bridge into a chorus, surely its not just for making hip hop and dance beats is it? i mean can i use it to write any style of song with major chord changes and rhythm changes?

  • Ramon E Alvarez

    I just bought the Machine Studio… I come from FL Studio and I can tell you this… The workflow and arrangement in FL Studio is way better than Ableton and Machine… but the features, integration, sound/effect browsing and grooving in machine is something I do not get from the DAWs another thing… If you're using Machine as a Plug In… you're already undermining the purpose of machine… now I create my beats in machine then export it and record in my DAW and mix in FL Studio for the final product… as far Ableton goes… everyone wants to jump onto Ablation now because its "industry standard" lol… I can make stuff in FL Studio with ease that would blow Ableton users away…

  • MatrixxSoundlab

    I use Maschine Studio along with Maschine Jam. I NEVER export from Maschine. I load it as a plugin and take advantage of Machine's 16 outs and record live, so I'm never stuck with my arrangement. My main DAW is Bitwig Studio 2. I will say this though. The Push 2 is and ABSOLUTE BEAST!!! When I started looking at Push 2 tutorials I was like "There is nothing that can compete with that".

  • The Truth

    Biggest issue with Ableton is the sound. It doesn't sound as good as FL OR MASCHINE. IVE BEEN on Ableton for years and its cool, but the swag and knock aren't there

  • djembeboyzach

    so i was also thinking to change to Push but my only question would be. is it possible to take a kit from Machine, lets say for example 'ArgonKit' and insert it into abletons drum rack and play from there? if so how is that done. i dont want to use machine as a plugin as it can be annoying

  • Michael Edwin

    Machine has "Scene" play through before jumping to another scene in their Launch Quantization window that Ableton does not have. Ableton can control Tempo changes in different scenes that Maschine does not offer. As a Iive player I would use Maschine, but no tempo changes. I would use Ableton but no jumping around in scenes like you can in Maschine without being tied to a certain quantization. What am I to do?

  • replicant six

    Hey man I totally hear ya. I prefer Push2 and the mouse workflow! I have Maschine Mk2 and Komplete Kontrol S61. They are gathering dust and going up for sale.
    It just doesn't make any sense to use them when Ableton does everything they do and more! IMO the only areas where NI have the edge are the sounds and effects and also their BROWSING system. Ableton is such an amazing suite and I can use external VSTs… but the biggest thing Ableton needs to improve is their browsing. It's better than before but still has a long way to go.

  • Kevin Foushee

    i have both machine and the push. with that be said it all about your work flow and how you use machine with abelton. this is how i use both of them along with my keyboard controller. what i do is this ill start out with machine to do my drums then ill add my percutions with the push. as well as my cymbals. then ill add my organ, piano and string plus my pads with my controller.ill make my clips like this in abelton and then strem them out and arrange and mix them in logic pro x. the reason for the mixing in logic is because i come from pro tools and logic to me is almost the same as pro tools when it come to mixing. so this is how i work with the both machine and the push. the down fall to the push is that you can only use it with abelton were the machine you can use with any daw even with reasons 9.ive been working this way for the past 3 years. sounds crazy but like i said its all about your work flow plus i work slow.

  • Bashanvibe

    That's why I use Maschine as just a plug in for what you said the drums. As long as you're satisfied with your work flow that's all that matters. I use Logic like you said I'm satisfied

  • berzerk0912

    Nice vid man. I felt the same way too. I had the Maschine first, but for some reason I couldn't get into it plus I had some issues with the actual unit plus software. I got the MPC Ren it was okay, but it felt really limited in production work flow. Finally, I tried the 30 day trial of Ableton Live, and at first the software looks 10x more intimidating than the Maschine & Ren combined, but when I started playing with it I never looked back since. Also, I lucked out on a online deal for the Push 2 & Suite for under 1 rack plus free shipping. Somebody lost their job that day. LOL!

  • Mr Fork

    I have both the Maschine and the push 2. I agree with you that I like the push 2 over maschine but the one thing that maschine has that I just keep going back to is their drum synths. I don't think I'll ever stop using maschine just because of those. I've used the m4l drum synths that come with ableton but they don't even come close. Have you come across anything in ableton that could replace those? Or do you mostly use sampled drums.

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