Using Maschine w/ Logic Pro Pt 1: Standalone Mode – ‘Secret Knowledge’ w/ Matt Shadetek

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DJ/producer, Dubspot instructor and Logic Pro course designer Matt Shadetek returns with a new video tutorial series titled Secret Knowledge. In part one of this two-part installment of Secret Knowledge, Shadetek explores one of two distinct ways of using Native Instruments’ Maschine with Logic Pro: using Maschine in standalone mode and syncing with Logic.

For the first episode of my new Secret Knowledge series of Logic Pro tutorials we’ll focus on using Logic with Native Instruments’ Maschine, first looking at how to use Maschine as a standalone application and then next time using Maschine as a plug-in inside of Logic.

In order to use Maschine in standalone mode with Logic we’re going to want to sync the two of them together. I show how to do this in the video by sending MIDI sync from Logic to Maschine. Because this sync method can be a little loose, this can be useful for getting a basic idea down but we’ll want to get the audio out of Maschine into Logic pretty quickly. There are two ways to do this. The first is by dragging and dropping audio from Maschine into Logic. This works well but can be a bit time-consuming. The next option is using Maschine’s export functionality. This allows us to batch export all of our parts as separate files which we can quickly drag into Logic. I tend to prefer the standalone mode because it allows me to work with Maschine more like I would with a drum machine such as the MPC 2000 and control the transport using the hardware. The key here is to find a workflow that works for you. – Matt Shadetek

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Using Maschine w/ Logic Pro Pt 2: Plug-in Mode – ‘Secret Knowledge’ w/ Matt Shadetek –

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