Using Maschine In Logic Pro X (Best Workflow)

How to use Maschine in Logic Pro X. This video demonstrates a workflow that will allow you to use Maschine’s sounds and hardware but sequence with Logic Pro X bypassing Maschine’s sequencer.

This is simply the best way to use Maschine with Logic Pro X in my personal opinion. I’ve been looking for a Maschine workflow for sometime and none I’ve found have been as simple, quick and effective as this.


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  • JT Fuller

    If this is your first time to this channel, you will love this kid. He is very thorough and easy to follow and very informative.. I am so blessed to have found this channel.. I hope to see more from you Stefan. I knew nothing about Logic till this channel and I will post a song I recorded from 2 weeks watching this channel.. THANK YOU SO MUCH AND GO UK… I love the sound that comes from over there. Many blessings to you Stefan…

  • James Gregory

    Is there a way to do this with the older version of Maschine? I have 1.7 and can only figure out how to drag and drop and record audio. I'm starting to think there isn't a way to record midi straight into Logic Pro X. Thanks in advance!

  • Matic Brain

    wassup bro love your tutorials very instructive thanks a lot , i did everything but i can't figure how to use the note repeat for the Hi-hats can you make a vid or something appreciated :DD bless

  • Hayden Carr

    Great video but when you hold group and the pads go blue and you select the corresponding pad how do I do that on a maschine mk2…I can use my maschine to trigger sounds but it won't record the midi in to logics arrangement window

  • DJ Stuart J

    Firstly great video, very helpful. Only thing is I fell at the first hurdle. When I try to add Maschine to my instrument it doesn't show. All the other Native Instruments show but not Maschine 2 like in your video. Can you help. Thanks.


    Nice tutorial man! thanks for this. I've followed this step by step, everything seem okay but…when i launch record, the first track only is recorded (with all the kits in the same track) . Is there any step that i've missed?

  • Andrew Boaz

    Hey! I'm having an issue where I have already put Maschine into MIDI mode and I have followed the instructions you've provided but on Logic i'm not getting the option to record into any of the tracks but the first? Any help is appreciated.

  • Tico Delgado

    Stefan! Thanks so much for this Explanation I just got maschine too thanks of how easy you make this looks. Just one small question I have. Once you are inside already in logic and the maschine is in midi mode. How do you do for the Note repeat option on the MAschine to work?? Cheers Mate From Beijing China

  • kekane1

    Thanks for the hard work you put into this video!
    This works with beats but is there any way to use the Maschine in Keyboard mode with logic?
    Let's say I wanted to lay down a bass line….
    Will Maschine transfer that one sound across the keyboard in logic?

  • Wes Jerdon

    …… I fucking love you… Lol. Mikro & Logic!? YES!! I was starting to feel all alone. Lol. Thank you for your time and effort in making these videos. Cannot wait to watch them all. Thank you, Stefan.

  • Michael Henry

    Hi Stephan. I set up everything exactly as you described and it almost works. The only issue is that it won't record:) The Midi mode is toggled on the software and hardware, the group is selected, the channels are set up in order. Do you have any idea why it's not recording?

    Also, how is the Ableton going? I like the maschine but if this doesn't work in logic I'm going to try another DAW cause I don't care for the keyboard as my midi controller.



  • Rick Duffy

    Stefan – just had to drop some gratitude. I've been f**kn around with Ableton, since I picked up my Maschine Studio, for the last month or so… I'm sure there is a way to do what you have done in this video with Ableton, but to be blunt fuck that. Logic may not be quite as "friendly" or whatever, but in Logic it seems there is always a clear cut path to get the exact result you are seeking. Also, I know that sonically there is not much difference between daws, but Logic always gives me.. really clean, imaged mixes. Anyway thanks a lot for the vid, you solved for me a monthlong quest in 15 minutes. peace – r.

  • H Kay

    Does the Midi ' Drag And Drop' of the individual kit-pieces work now ? Or even the Group.That was a pain too because it would do all sorts of weird glitchy things.Dragging audio was a breeze.I didn't upgrade to Sierra though…was just wondering if they have sorted it out.Thanks.

  • blake ross

    This seems to be the most straightforward method in using Maschine in Logic Pro X, thank you! Unfortunately, I've followed it step by step, and while it should work, I'm not getting the sounds to come through in MIDI mode, even with the correct octaves. I can only get sound out of MIDI mode, obviously not helpful when I'm trying to record in MIDI. Is there anything you could think of that I'm missing?

  • Leaves I

    Im having a weird problem where I can't hear any of my sounds from maschine using it as a plugin, can't audition the sounds. Am I missing some setting? It works fine in standalone.

  • Sam Silk

    I used to have the same problem as you: MIDI routing in Maschine isn't very well explained in the manual. I have another suggestion from what I set up in Cubase, I guess it should work in Logic too, give it a try sometime. My workflow allows you to keep Maschine in Maschine Controller mode , which means you can benefit from both internal sequencer and Logic sequencer AND still use the fast Maschine Controller commands in Maschine sequencer.

    Once this is set up deciding which sequencer is in record mode is just a matter of activating record in the host and/or in Maschine: you just keep the best of both worlds. I suggest you give a different shortcut to the Record command in Logic (don't use the numpad star). I didn't try to integrate melodic maschine sounds (synths, pianos) to this workflow yet but I'm planning to do that soon.

    MIDI input for Logic Instrument Track: All Inputs or just Maschine Out
    Group MIDI Input: Active ON if you want your MIDI on the Logic Track (Off if you don't want your notes recorded to Logic), Channel 1, C3, Thru OFF
    Sound MIDI Input: Source=None, Channel All, Thru OFF
    Sound Output: Host, Channel 1, Transpose 0 to 15 (0 on sound 1, 1 on sound 2…and so on).

    To be able to exchange MIDI patterns with Drag'n'Drop from/to Logic, right click your Group in Maschine and choose Sounds to Midi Notes in the Batch MIDI settings.

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