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This video was recorded live on the Ableton Live Starter Pack (

Ableton Live is a program often associated with electronic music and for good reason, it’s depth of features is impressive. However, Ableton Live can be a perfect accompanyment to a traditional rock or funk band. Use the “BeatSeeker” function to trigger the tempo using your hi-hat or bass drum. Hit a switch, and you can start a VST sequence that conforms to that tempo. The BeatSeeker will even follow the drummer, keeping the sequence in time. For bass and guitar players, Ableton Live features tons of amp and effects modelers that can be implemented and adjusted on the fly. Hook up a MIDI controller like the Akai MPK261 ( and have hundreds of tones on just one keyboard. All of this can be done in real time. Check out more on Ableton Live at
Mixing and production in Ableton Live

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