Using Ableton Live to Automate your Production Elements

In this video Ableton Live Certified Trainer Will Doggett shows you how you can use Ableton Live to Automate your Production Elements. You’ll see how this is a viable solution even for smaller churches without a tech team or large budget. You’ll get a quick look at gear and technology that will let you use Ableton Live to control your lights, lyrics, and videos for service.

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Content Mentioned in the Video

1-Ableton Live Intro

2-Ableton Live Standard

3- Ableton Live 9 Suite

4-Controlling Lights with Ableton Live featuring Bwack

5-Controlling Video with Ableton Live featuring Bwack

6-Controlling Lights, Lyrics and Videos with Ableton Live featuring The Digital Age

7-Max4 Live

8-Live MTC

9-Enttech DMXis

10-Jands Vista



12-Connecting your Stage Computer to your Booth Computer

13-ProPresenter Lyrics template on

14-Pro Presenter


16-ProPresenter MIDI Module

17-Captured by The Digital Age
Mixing and production in Ableton Live

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