Tutorial – Maschine and Cubase Integration & Routing (2017)

*IMPORTANT* There’s a bug in the MIDI routing in 2.6.9, but there is a workaround:
Setting ‘Key Mode’ to ‘Manual’ gives you all the parameters like in the video.
To make it actually work you need to go into Maschine’s mixer and enable MIDI input for that group (first click the IO icon to show in- and outputs). This should go automatically but due to a bug it doesn’t. After that everything should work just like in the video.


In depth video tutorial about Cubase & Machine integration and routing tutorial for full control without audio track out for sequencing, arrangement and post production.

A written version of the tutorial on the Native instruments forum:
(Easier to understand, with lots of pictures and more information)

Video timings:
02:15 – MIDI Routing.
06:36 – Audio Routing.
08:55 – MIDI/Pattern transfer.
11:50 – Small arrangement demo.
12:33 – Small recording from Maschine demo.

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Download Cubase and Maschine project:

Full remix i show at the start:

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