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  • Robert N. Griffith

    The comments below are false in telling everyone not to buy a MASCHINE. If you do the homework required ,you CAN come away smelling like a rose. Case In Point: I just got a Traktor Kontrol S2,which follows the same script of all the Native Instrument products ,which is this; Ask the seller if the Serial Numbers for the product you are buying have been disconnected. This is important because each NI product comes with the Serial Numbers Card. If the Serial Numbers have not been disconnected by the previous owner ,they will show this when you try to register the device with the aforementioned Serial Numbers Card. In this case a LICENSE TRANSFER is required. Info Is Here: https://support.native-instruments.com/hc/en-us/articles/209566129-How-to-Request-a-License-Transfer-ID-to-Sell-Your-NI-Product. I'm good after going thru the process ,but it is of EXTREME IMPORTANCE that you ask the current user about this BEFORE buying the product. Good Luck

  • Kaüs

    How to set up a studio? That would be an informative video. If you have the chance please share some of your gear and options for people like me trying to set up their studio in 2k17

  • MrClarkio

    I know it's an old video and thought it was good sound advice, apart from, please don't get a firewire audio interface now as Apple no longer support it. In the day they were great but like betamax (look it up kids) it's sadly fallen by the wayside. Go for thunderbolt or personally I would go for USB, less proprietary and USB 3.0 if you have it is lightning quick. Not criticising just sharing information.

  • Sagron Harvey

    Can anyone help clear up a concern i have? I own a Maschine Mikro with Maschine 2.0. I want to upgrade to a MK2. If i buy one used can i use it instead of my Mikro. Or do i have to register it with NI?

  • Repo Life

    WARNING: Reading the comments below I see it is necessary to tell you all… DO NOT BUY A USED MACHINE!!! Not even from guitar center. You can't really sale Native Instruments software and equipment they won't allow you to register and use the product. If you get a machine controller YOU HAVE TO GET the machine MAIN operating software (I.e machine 2.0 or machine 2.3) and NI won't allow you to register the used controller to the software. They don't even sale the software buy itself. There seems to actually a be a very complex way to possibly do it but it involves the previous owner de-registering the controller properly from their account. Moral of the story DO NOT BUY A USED Machine under any circumstances.

  • Jay Davis

    I have the Maschine Mikro.  I have programs such as Massive, Kore, Komplete and etc.  What I dont have is the stand alone program.  I have spent a lot of money and I not going to spend anymore.  What do I have to do to get this Maschine to basically plug and play? Is it my PC? What do I have to do?

  • Sarah Stevens

    do you really need an audio interface ????? when we used them at college I am sure we just plugged in via usb to imacs, I have a mac book pro and want to buy a mashine today but dont have the audio interface so can I just plug it straight in ?

  • chaosemperor37

    I understand that it might be easier with a midi keyboard but you can turn your pads into a midi controller on its own. just have to remember you work your way up from the bottom and each pad is a half step. For the most part you only get one octave this way with a couple extra steps.

  • EliteWizard407

    I need help. I finally got Maschine 2.0 software but kept my MK1. when i loaded the program for the first time everything worked except when i recorded drum patterns they would play back at a really low volume. i closed the program to do some research and try to solve the issue. when i went into the program for a second time sounds wont even play when i hit the pads. any idea on what i should do?

  • ExStatic Bass

    OK, I have those 3 things. I actually had them before I got the Machine MkII that I have now. I do have a question though and I'm sure it's one that many people have asked. What are your thoughts on using the Maschine's built in USB as an interface for my keyboard and other MIDI enabled equipment? So far it seems to be fairly low latency except when I use Fruity 10 with it. That particular software seems to have latency issues with all input devices though. I really could use some advice from someone who knows what I'm going through. That said I still have my Yamaha UX16 which also works fairly well.

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