The Basics of Mixing in Ableton Live – Pt 4 – Equalizers (2018)

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Ableton Live 10 is packed with a ton of stock plugins that can be used to increase the quality of your mixdowns. Thorough understanding of everything that Ableton Live 10 offers, however, is required to fully utilize these plugins and push them to their limits.

In this course, Maxim will walk you through the very basics of how to mix your tracks in this DAW. He will start with organizational tactics like grouping and coloring – staying organized will make the entire process much easier. Then he will move on to crucial mixing concepts like gain staging, EQing, compressing, and other effects like panning, reverb, and delay.

Each crucial concept will be broken down to its most basic form. Maxim will use Ableton Live stock plugins to explain these concepts as he mixes a Future Bass track. Although this course focuses on Ableton Live and the mixing tools within it, the explanations of concepts universally apply to any DAW and genre. Definitely leave a comment below if you have any questions!
making music in Ableton Live

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