Tempo Stretching in Maschine

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Machine offers a number of options for adjusting the tempo of a sample. In this tutorial, ADSR Instructor Stephen Ellestad demonstrates the Maschine Sampler time stretching function.

He shows how to adjust the tempo of a drum beat and several synth lines, as well as how to change the tempo to double-time, half-time, or syncopated triplets against the main tempo.


Category: Hardware
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  • Sean Madden

    Another very helpful tutorial. Can you let me know how you create the video with the picture in picture so you can show the hardware and the software? What programs do you use to record the both and do you just have a microphone that you record your voice in and just line up all the videos in iMovie? I want to be able to do/show tutorials myself and I like the ones that show both the hardware and software as I find that more helpful. Thanks and I appreciate the educational content.

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