a quick video showing how to record MIDI directly into PreSonus Studio One 3 from Maschine 2.3 in real time. Follow on Twitter: Follow on Facebook: Follow on Instagram: source

Read more – a quick preview video for the NI community members to get an idea of what the new browsing experience is like on the Maschine Studio controller. The graphical additions and the way you filter definitely improves the experience when browsing for content. Follow on Twitter: Instagram: source

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Season 1 – Episode 12. In this episode, find out how to create playful vocal chops using MASCHINE’s legato mode and creative looping. More on MASCHINE at: TruTorials are inspiring short videos designed to get you creating in under 90 seconds. No matter your style or MASCHINE hardware, these easy tips and tricks can […]

Read more The original site for exclusive NI Maschine Training: Here’s a quick tip for the FL Studio users that want to route multiple audio channels from Maschine 2.0 into FL Studio 11 and also be able to record your performance in realtime for tracking out separate audio files. Follow on Twitter: Follow on Facebook: […]

Read more Checking out the new 2.6.5 update and wanted to do a quick video on the “Ideas” view. It’s basically a new way to come up with ideas for your arrangement without committing to the timeline first. It’s quicker…and in my opinion looks like a software version of the Maschine Jam layout. Download the samples […]

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