Sound Design w/ Maschine Tutorial Using FM8, Massive, Reaktor (Native Instruments)

Native Instruments’ Maschine is fast becoming the weapon of choice for producers worldwide due to it’s fast workflow and physical interface that brings instant musical gratification to computer-based music production. Maschine combines the strengths of a DAW with the flexibility of MPC-style sequencing and the massive sound library that Native Instruments has been developing since the company’s inception in 1996. NI introduced a massive upgrade to the platform this spring with the release of Maschine 1.6 – an update that added more sounds, functionality and flexibilty for producers. Read more –

The most significant feature to come with Maschine 1.6 is support for third-party plugin hosting which allows you to use VST and AU plugins as individual sound sources and effects in your Maschine project. It also incorporates some of Kore 2’s functionality for combining plug-ins which allows for creative sound design possibilities. Layering synth sounds is a fundamental part of sound design and an essential production technique in electronic music.

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