Sonic TALK 513 – Cubase 9.5

Notes thanks to Marc the Darc:
10:17 – Cubase 9.5
22:38 – Sinevibes Eternal barber pole flanger
32:19 – Sponsor/Contest
35:28 – Ultimate Percussion K2-X
43:47 – Shuttle
53:03 – Wave Junction plug
54:17 – Synthetic Sound Labs modular effects
1:05:35 – Closing Remarks & Goodbyes

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  • no name

    from sx1 to cubase 6, steinberg kept adding amazing and innovative features to cubase. but then, they started improving wavelab and adding tons of new features, and cubase became like the main wavelab competitor. that's why these last cubase updates, we only get a couple of new features here, a couple of reskins there, and almost all new features come from wavelab, one by one.and when steinberg implement a new feature in cubase, it will often be a stripped down version of wavelab: the new 9.5 offline rendering in cubase don't have a save/load fonction. why ? were the 10 lines of code that hard to code ? no, steinberg simply don't want cubase users to be able to recall a preset with all the different pligins and settings…because they want people to buy wavelab to do the batch processing, a much more advancef 'offline rendering'. the same reason why we don't have a proper spectrum analyser in cubase : steinberg want people to buy wavelab, to have those kinds of visualization tools. damn, 600 bucks, 2018… and cubase don't even have a simple spectrum analyser! it blows my mind, really. the same thing happens with halion . why can't we get new synths, like retrologue or padshop ? because steinberg want people to get halion sonic 3 or halion 6! yeah, the major cubase competitors aren't live or logic or protools… no, the major cubase competitors are called wavelab and halion. without halion or wavelab, cubase would today be 10 years ahead of any daw, with the best analysers, the best instruments, the best mastering tools. just imagine how insanely powerful the cubase sample track would be, if there was no halion: the other daws sample editors would look like an app coded in 1960 . but no. cubase can't evolve at its own pace, because every single feature the steinberg devs start coding, it will first be implemented in wavelab or halion. we can already expect cubase will be the last daw to get a fully scalable interface. logic, flstudio, live, bitwig, most stuff can be scaled up. at steinberg, wavelab will get a full vector interface first, and only then, by 2022, cubase will finally get a vector based interface. seriously, how can steinberg reskin 2 plugins and call it 'new 9.5 features' ? even the bezier curves, used by all apps since decades, should be a 9.1 feature, not a 9.5 !

  • Dan Bailiff

    I know that folks are not enamored with a subscription model, and neither am I. But paying for yearly upgrades is a fair trade for all the work that goes into new features. I really don't see how you can complain about something you are not required to buy and has new and better features. The alternative is that Steinberg and others simply maintain a single version for years without any innovation. Or worse, they could end up like Cakewalk and end production after decades of work leaving users hanging.

  • Jan Minor

    @gaz and anyone who don't want to pay like fifty bucks per year for the latest Cubase update: just skip a year, buy the old version before the new update comes out (that is usually before November), but only activate/register it when the new update arrives. There is always a grace period for people who bought the previous version some time before the new update.
    So if you were on Cubase 8.5, bought the update to 9 say in September but didn't register it until 9.5 came out, you'd get the update to 9.5 for free. So you only pay one update every two years but get two.

  • Joe Miller - Xin

    "People can be grumbly about paying for the .5 upgrade." —- Gah. A latte is $5. The upgrade is only $59.00 and you don't have to do it. If you can't spare $59 to support your platform… puuuuuleeease. Move on.

  • Dacci Pucci

    I guess the point in using other platforms than Bandcamp is meeting your listeners where they are and making it convenient for them to stream or buy your music wherever they prefer to. Bandcamp is great, but depending on the genre, region and age group, many people don’t even know it.

  • athopi cus

    Gaz's new mike with good sound, great, non-bloom picture and your lowered mic along with upped clip volume… very well produced show and pro quality result. Good job, I'm happy to say!

  • LFFL

    Please gaz, Please "wipe that nut off your face." QUOTE LOL! THat sounded so dirty Nick. LOL! Another quote from nick. "She gives good photo!" LOL!

  • 6581punk

    People choose the streaming services because it is a flat rate, you can produce playlists and then share them.

    If Bandcamp were to do that then it would be competitive in that arena.

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