Some Annoying Bugs in Cubase 9.5

Cubase 9.5.10 patch update has been released:

I found several bugs in the new Cubase 9.5 update. The mixer history, Magneto II HF adjust, various visual glitches, and selected track syncing to name a few.

I look forward to Steinberg taking a look at these bugs and hopefully fixing them for the upcoming 9.5.10 patch release.

Link to the “Cubase Pro 9 Issues” English forum:


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  • OtchengaZoom

    Hi. I am Cubase 6.0.7 user for many years. I am satisfied completely, except only ONE, but serious bug,-FREEZE TRACK is sometimes working and sometimes not working and crashing the Cubase. There is no dependence on certain plug-in or vsti or anything else. The same track could be frozen today and couldn't at the other day… I thought 9.5 update would fix that, but the 9.5 demo version has the same issue. The oficial tech suport says nothing… Does anybody know how to fix that, please?

  • Bert Lindsey

    bug that bugs: is when I RE-size the mix-console the upper configuration buttons vanish. there is a reset I believe in the windows drop down menu. After reset I merely re-config to my liking…but, I'm liking the 9.5…I up graded from cubase 5.1 I have been using cubase since the start and like you said have to take a wee bitter with the better…. thank you for the video and your work arounds…

  • MIHALIS888

    In the trial version I just got time stretch in rec audio doesn't work with time locators. Also the delay in recording audio is insane. I didn't have these problems with previous versions.

  • peterboy sonicat

    Yes, yes. Great post Kevin. I uh… Have known about this for many years with Steinberg and their bugs and patches. That's why I stayed with Cubase 6.5 for so long. Today, they're offering 9.5 to me for $255 as an upgrade. As a musician/composer, (not engineer. Although today you need to wear all hats..) all the glitches and bugs that 6.5 came with, I have had many years to work out. Some still do exist. Ones no one ever notice but me and a couple other people I play with.
    I love the GUI of 9.5 but I dread the ever increasing obstacles that Steinberg forces you to contend with, with new releases. To me, the music is way more important than to wade through the myriad of glitches and bugs associated with their software.
    The price seems fair for all their upgrades and fancy new tools. LOVE the UI in 9.5 but the question still remains with me, are the glitches and bugs and time to work around them justifiable?

  • bandit7498

    I don't know if this is a bug or I'm just missing something. But my mix console window will only take up half the screen. I've gone through the settings and made adjustments, but still the same look. What gives? Anybody?

  • Jeffrey Petro

    Just purchased Cubase 9.5 to work a project with a client and be compatible with them after avoiding it like the plague for a decade. Only had it on a few hours and I found a lot of what you are talking about. Also, I had the menu bar be unresponsive several times then start working again, and I don't know why- perhaps that's a known bug. I loaded up an old Cubase project from years ago, and none of the audio that was recorded using the cycle record works- not sure what to do about that? Any help appreciated. I remember contacting Steinberg years ago when I was using VST 3.7 and being told, "You can't have this kind of functionality without a few bugs." A few bugs! There were dozens and spontaneous crashes. I guess I was hoping for too much. I read in the comments that 8.5 was pretty solid, so perhaps there is hope. Logic and ProTools still seem to be the better choices, shame, because it really looks different to what I remember, the specs look good, and the UI looks better. I was hoping to use some of my old 32bit plugins I still own. Embarrassed to say I purchased Steinberg Freefilter back in the day. Let the pain begin.

  • Pavel Cal

    Thanks for posting. I've had some issues with the Processes/Pitch shift function. I'm having a hard time with the new way it is constructed. There's lot of glitches with the piano diagram, the -and + boxes, and at some point it is not changing any pitch at all.

  • sleekitwan

    I have just moved to Cubase. Temporarily given up on ipad music making because of cost would you believe. At 1200 smackers for a decent ipad to run a decent number of tracks etc, it's painful compared to slapping an SSD on my PC. Anyway, here's a bug me and another guy brought up on the Forum – the snap to quantize seems only to work up top in the skinny bars up there, not in the big grey area – is this intentional? Last time I used Cubase – don't laugh – it was on an Atari ST, I don't recall this being an issue.

    Set the quantize up, set the snap to grid, and so on, then it works but only up top on those skinny bars (the beat/measure, or the time in seconds etc). Put your cursor anywhere else, forget it. I dunno if it's a common issue, or if everyone just always nudges the cursor up to the bar up top in order to get the snap to quantize to wrk?

    [EDIT – another glitch, is when you choose the file pull-down, and slect preferences…the tree&branch layout starts with Edit – the top choices are lopped off.

    I roll the slider bar up as far as possible, and the dotted tree main line vertically, from which all the little horizontal dotted lines to options like Edit etc come off, cannot get to the missing branch at the top! I believe it's called Appearances, but that's from scouring other people's demos on youtube and seeing they have that option! Brought this up directly with Steinberg support].

    It's awkward as a returner or in effect a newbie, because your early experience is quite formative. If a menu option does not come up, I have no idea it's even meant ot be there half the time. Still, I think this is a superb musician's tool, once I have got to grips properly with it.

    Best, and thanks for your videos.

  • Realraven2000

    0:38 I had this as well, especially annoying if you accidentally hit the global Mute button. Seems to be extra likely with complex projects that have been imported from older Cubase versions (SX)

  • Gary Cowling

    While I think Cubase Pro 9.5 is (potentially) a great DAW, what gets me is that I have paid my hard earned to buy this version (and so many previous ones) and it is not a proper WORKING version. Then we go thru the usual patch fixes and then, finally when they get it RIGHT, Steinberg puts out a NEW version and has the "HIDE' to charge for an "upgrade". Gotta be kidding people….Check out a simple thing like in the Channel strip… in v9.0 the pre and post positions changed visually but not so in v9.5. Are they using professionals to check the coding before selling their products???? They should be held to account for the frustration and inconvenience caused to us. How would Steinberg go if someone took legal action by way of a "Class Action" law suit? Grrrrr.

  • Trumpet Player

    I find bugs in the notation part. One has existed all along from at least Cubase 5. Use the "octave" sign over a long phrase of notes…then try to adjust the height of the "octave" line on the next notation line—and the program locks up.
    Another one in Cubase 9.5 …make a 'User Graphics' …if it gets more than really simple, it locks up the whole program…it gets into a loop of some kind and remains that way even if restarting. The only way to get out of it is to start Cubase from scratch and remove the graphics without invoking it. Thanks

  • John Barry

    What's killing 9.5 Pro for me is Cubase 9.0 and every release before has worked perfectly with my system. My RME UFX, Windows 10. Now I'm getting lag, crackle, pops in MIDI. I never got that before yet the latency looks great on my i7. I've tried so many things, I give up. Back to 9.0 until they fix it. Wasted money.


    3 Bugs I've noticed after a single session with 9.5.10…
    1>Inserts in Lower zone showing at less than half size for some projects
    2> Taskbar config (show hide settings) in midi editors get scrambled when you expand editor to full screen
    3> Midi Length quantize not working as expected.
    I'm on Win10 64

  • Darren Fox

    Given 9.5 has lots of bugs…Would you recommend moving from 8.5 to 9.5 or staying put. 8.5 is rock solid . Would love to see a part two ….three and four to this video haha. Its scary upgrading when you don't know what else could be wrong. Cheers

  • Bert Brause

    Found a new bug today when I tried the new 9.5.10 update (I still had hope):
    1. Create a midi/instrument/sampler track (one for each type)
    2. Open preferences and go to the color settings for your faders.

    Now try to adjust the color for the sampler track faders… Nothing happen? 🙂
    Well you should try the instrument or Midi fader color… One of them is in reality the color for the sampler track…

    Wow Steinberg… If such simple things are messed up, what about the complicated stuff underneath the surface?

    And by the way… None of "my" bugs got fixed with the last update.

  • Bert Brause

    Here are 5 bugs I found within the first 30 minutes of using it:

    (This link consist of 2 lines. …or search the forum for "Win10 – C9.5 Display problems")

    Went back to 9.0.30 and stay there now. It was the last time buying an update for Cubase. It's the second time since Cubase 8, I bought an update and went back to the last version because of some serious problems. It did bother me a lot during the last 2 years.

    Used Cubase since 1991… Pretty sad to see… The advertising machinery of Steinberg on one side. And on the other side the reality in my studio.

    @Misc. Factory Studio:
    Thank you very much for your video! Most of the critical reviews of Cubase 9.5 are fought with all means. (Forums…).

  • jfsimard2

    One annoying issue, which is more of a UX issue more a bug is that when I close a project, sometimes can take up to one minute+ to finish all the unloading and this without no visual indication e.g. Loader graphic or message letting us know that the process is in progress. Sometimes if I try to close Cubase before this process has completed, it crashes. Very annoying.
    1. Visually knowing that a process is in progress would be great.
    2. Program should not crash

  • Julio Osorio

    9.5 should be a free upgrade to 9 users. But paying for a fresh bugy release is a steal. If we (Cubase users) reject to pay for an upgrade Steinberg will have to listen to us.

  • Will B

    Definitely the User Preset colours. I got around it by saving my presets and then copying the pertinent parts into "Default Project" (XML). There is a thread about it on the forums – but I don't have it handy.  The rest you mention – not sure but will go through your vid and check with mine on osX. – Thanks as usual for your videos. I am subbed.

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