Sampler Track | New Features in Cubase Pro 9

Introducing the Sampler Track: your fast track to inspiration. Do you need samples for beats or new chords? Just drag a drum groove or recorded bass guitar sample onto the control panel to create a Sampler Track. Chromatic pitch-shifting and tonal manipulation with the on-board filters and controls let you experiment and enjoy the sonic extravaganza only the Sampler Track can give you.
And to top it off, the Sampler Track comes with Caleidoscope, a dedicated sample library with hundreds of samples and presets that let you get started right away.

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  • devildoubt

    Hi There…

    What's the difference between continuous loop mode and until release? When I use the Sampler Control, both seem to work the same way, i.e., the sample will be triggered as long as the note is being held down.

  • Pirateradio EightOhEight

    I'm a long-time Logic user. I'd jump ship to Cubase for the Sampler Track alone… if Steinberg supported nks interfacing with NI hardware. I guess they see Native Instruments as a competitor (Halion vs. Kontakt, etc.) and don't want to help them out in any way. But it's a very short-sighted strategy.

  • Samstrat

    What's the point of this video? The narrator is just reading the labels off the various controls.

    The menu itself is hugely unintuitive. That's classic Cubase approach though.

    I spent a fair amount of time trying to figure out how to even start playing the sample!! Apparently, the blue piano key is supposed to do the trick. How is a first time user supposed to figure that one out?!

    Also, if you double click an audio track it opens in the 'Editor' tab by default, at the bottom. Now if you switch to the 'Sampler control' tab it shows as blank. Next if you redrag the same audio track in to this tab – lo and behold – nothing happens!! What Cubase chooses to do here s to create 'another' sampler track at the bottom of the existing track lanes. And THAT is the one you need to double click for anything to show in the 'Sample Control' tab.

    Good luck in figuring that one out. For a good while I thought that the feature wasn't working at all. I repeated the process a few times not realising that a pile of sampler tracks was getting added at the bottom of my project window!!

  • Muck Mack

    Ansich eine tolle Ergänzung. Aber warum muß man oben rechts im Editor lesen in welchem Modus er sich befindet? Wäre doch viel übersichtlicher wenn sich die Farbe der entsprechenden Sektion ändert. Optisch ist das Ding ohnehin ein Graus. Aber ist ja offensichtlich eh nur ein Angebot für Englischaffine People…


    What would be cool is getting Sampler to recognise the 'clipping' point in the Project window, so say if you have a drum loop and you scissor down a single snare – at the mo when you drop that snare you drop the whole loop from the recording.

    The main video on Steinberg page is showing a snippet in the Project window is dragged into the Sampler instance, and voilá already trimmed. But…. was the scissored clip already 'printed' / rendered as a separate audio segment then dropped back in the track, for 'advertising'? if so seems a little 'smoke and mirrors' to get the effect that we want but can't achieve without a couple of extra processes….

    Still picked up v9 anyway


    I know dis is off topic but I want someone to confirm dis for me. Is it possible to put my personal sample folder in the media bay and be able to audition the samples while I'm working? I'm asking Bcos that's one thing I love about FL Studio simple way of manipulating samples for electronic music. Finally I can say goodbye to FL Studio workflow having the new sampler track included in Cubase pro 9. But I need to be sure of how i'm gonna be working with my own samples inside of Cubase 9.

  • Victor_Valiant_

    Guys I've been looking into it too. Just got it installed last night.
    The audio from the sampler track can be fed into a VST3 plugin's "audio in". So you can use the ADSR mod control (example.retrologue) or if it's present in your choice of vst3 plugin.
    And it's not same as grooveagent at all. But a nice in between to speed up workflow it seems. Still you have an integrated menu to send output to grooveagent-retrologue-halion etc.
    It's really good & helps my workflow to be more efficient. it's cool & fast ^^ Excited to see what I can do with this baby hahah

    Keep in mind this is a simple sample track, not a dedicated sampler to replace anything.
    Grooveagent is drum sampler, Halion is instrument sampler, those products are working side by side with this new feature, in the bigger picture.
    Glad they didn't replace them, but added a fast sampler in ^^
    If you want a dedicated sampler there are packages like kontakt, or the free tx16wx etc. out there that you can add to your array of tools.

    I try to think positive of what can be achieved & in overall workflow. Sure it certainly would be cool to have an sampler that could use .exs of logic, .abl of ableton & .nki of kontakt in one modular sampler instead of 3.
    I feel y'all on that, but it would mean the end of their businesses in the sampler market/daw industry haha ^^, so I don't think any of them would ever do that.
    Companies have to respect eachother afterall, and so do we have to respect one another. let's have fun exploring & producing! cheers all

  • Victor_Valiant_

    Great feature ^^. What file formats does it import/support?
    I was wondering if Soundfonts [.Sfz] are compatible, along the other sample formats. Or are we limited to the audio that mediabay can import? [WAV-AIFF-WMA-MP3-OGG-FLAC-REX]
    If you could link me to where it's stated, I'd appreciate it ^^ cheers

  • specialistsound

    can you import rex files into it and trigger each sample on different keys? Also, can you drag in a drum loop and detect hitpoint, slice sample and spread the slices over keyzone? that'd be rather sexy if so

  • Phoenix MatadorTV

    This is basically the same as groove agent I want a ex24 sampler like found in Logic Pro where we can control the sample ASDR etc thanx for NOT listening don't think I'll upgrade from 8.5 maybe I'll get my sampler in cubase 20

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