Routing midi and audio of external hardware synthesizers in Cubase

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In this video we show you how to setup and route midi and audio to your external synthesizers in Cubase Pro 9.

We show you a basic technique selecting the midi inputs and outputs but also a more advanced technique where we can use our external gear as a vsti

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  • Khadka Gautam

    thank you soooooo much my fren . really help ful , i tried two day whole but it was not succed , but your video make me succed with in 5 min , so much thanks . i need to see mor e your video . thank you again ….

  • roger garriga

    So so so good! I didnt know you could just create an external instrument to work like a vst! Could you do a video explaining how to send midi CC to external synths and modules? I have a korg AG-10 module and i cant control it the way i want it.

  • Phillips Mai

    Hello Mike Smith
    I'm a newbie. I need your help. I got Focusrite audio interface and Roland xp 30. As I setup, I can heard midi sound. But I can't record it in to audio track. Can you check my setup cable…! First I hook up from roland Midi in to midi out port (focusrite) and other way around. Second I plug quart in cable from mono (roland xp) to instrument channel (focusrite). And the rest I create bus and rout it. I can't get it to work. I hope I can heard from you soon. Thank you very much.

  • Steven Silvers

    What about if I have multiple instrument tracks of one synth, but I want different patches to playback? Do I need to bounce the MIDI info to audio or is there a way to extract the audio from the instrument track?

  • Chenyu Fan

    Hey Mike, hope all is going well! Been a while since I last talk to you, I think it was on the SonicState Live stream. Anyways, just saying saying whats up and thanks again for your video tutorials!

  • Gareth Millers

    hi, thank you for that. when I record the midi sequenced in Cubase out to the synth then back into cubase on the audio track, there is a slight delay between the audio and the midi. can I sort this out with the delay adjustment slider under the volume slider? What I am doing is programming drum midi into the cubase sequencer then dissolving the parts and then solo each part and record each into a seperate audio track. When I play recorded the audio back along with a few internal VSTi's there seems to be a delay. Do I go and adjust each recorded audio part from the external synth to match the internal VSTi's with the slider under the volume slider? It just seems to be so convoluted. How do I get those audio parts to sync with the rest of my internal VSTi's? I'm using Cubase Elements 8.5, Windows 10 x64, RME BabyFacePro. hope you can help? G

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