Routing GetGood Drums in Cubase

Misha Mansoor walks you through the best way to route GGD in Cubase.

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  • Leo Steinhaus Bass

    Hey guys, if I only use the free Kontakt 5 Player, it tells me I can use it with sound for 15 minutes only. Is there any way to use it longer than 15 mins without buyiung the thing? Thank you.

  • Garth Martin

    How can I add a drum map and successfully get these notes to play the GGD sound? I have everything working otherwise, I just want to be able to program my own drums but can't get the sounds to play when I insert a note…

  • Jes Schwartz

    Super informational video! I'm having an issue with 1 thing in Cubase 9 though. I cannot change the midi editor to a GM Map without losing all the sound on every channel. I don't want to edit MIDI using the standard MIDI editor; I'd rather use Cubase Drum Editor. How can I achieve this?

  • PurpleKangaroo4

    So I followed the tutorial step by step exactly as he does in this video, but now the drums are all VERY quiet. even when I bring all the faders up in kontakt, and in the mixer, and bring the velocities all the way up, they are still about half as loud as if I didn't rout the drums and had a single instrument track. Is there a way to fix this? I've just been using either a single track for the drums or manually inputting different parts of the kit on separate tracks, which takes forever.

  • Chris O'Leary

    Soooo heres a noob question… Is there no way to adjust volume and panning for the crash left and right by themselves or are they just both tied into the overhead and room faders?!?! Also I already programmed the drums for a whole project in GGD before I routed the outputs. So now I have to close Kontakt to route it and that will change the drum map to the default. (I changed the drum map to match a different drum program that I copied the drum patterns from) Is there a way to save my current drum map in Kontakt so I can close it and open it with the same map I had?!?!

  • Jakob Eisenbach

    hey guys, I just pruchased getgood drums and found out that the drummap preset "GGD" in cubase, compared to the drum map misha used in the "GGD Bad Thing" Cubase template, dont match at all.. maybe you could fix that for the next purchasers

  • Brenden LeGault

    Hey Guys I'm going to clear up some confusion, I spent the last 3 days studying this. Like this Comment a bunch and put it to the top so everyone can see it.

    So why route channels? Simple. We want to add our affects. But there have been complaints about how wonky kontakt is. So whats the the big deal?

    Kontakt cannot update routing information live! The only time routing information updates is upon loading the instrument!

    It is also routed by kontakt channels physical location in the software, not its label, hence when you delete a track after everythings routed, all tracks reroute to the output left adjacent to it.

    Its like deleting your neighbors house out of existence and the world suddenly tries to reform and close that missing gap. but instead everyone dies.

    Remember the part where Misha Saved the batch > for > Vst plugin > Closed and opened the intrument? That was to apply the routing changes he made earlier. BUT>>> You can also do the same thing by pressing the exclamation mark in the top right corner of Kontakt Player. This will prevent you from having to "save current out section state as the default to Vst Plugin". If you save with all 18 tracks routed, it may screw up other vst's kontakt works injunction with.

    ANYWAYS! The key here is order of operations, Kontakt works like a series of doors. I have to go through the first door before I can open the second one. But if I say "Hey Kontakt, Open that third door!" and kontakt hasn't even gotten through the first one. IT DIES.


    Lets Start with Door number 1
    Open a new project file, we are going to make this a template

    Open an instance of Kontakt 5 (NOT 16OUT OR 8OUT)

    Load your instance of GGD, for this you must use the file browser.

    When you open Kontakt your routing typically default to this…

    GGD > Kontakt Master > Stereo (cubase).

    What does that look like? Everything should be coming out of one L/R Channel in Kontakt, with everything GGD routed to default. This should be the only channel created within kontakt besides the Aux channels. Aux channels should have no numbers under them. If this is true for you, move onto door number 2.

    If this is not true for you. Here's how to get there.

    1. Take your first channel in Kontakt, make sure it is stereo and route it to the very first input options in the drop down (not unnasigned one).The pop up dialouge asking you to close/open Kontakt will appear. Ignore this.

    2. Remove all channels in Kontakt, except the first one. Kontakt will now automatically route this first and only channel as the master out. Remember, its impossible to delete the aux channels. Rename this channel as out 1 (if your picky and want to match Misha's Video, Rename this channel as Halpern Drums). You may not hear any audio or see any output activity in this channel yet, this is ok.

    3. Route all of Kontakts Aux channels to "Unassigned". (Located at the bottom of the drop down)

    4. Route all of GGD to "Default"

    5. Press the exclamation button on the top right of Kontakt player. This reloads the instruments and your channels will remain intact. You will now have audio.

    6. Follow Misha's instruction to "save current out section state as the default to Vst Plugin" (@1:29). (Now every time you open kontakt, you will have an output that works in conjunctions with all of your vst's).

    You are now ready for Door number 2

    Door number 2

    1.Create 18 stereo tracks, (Quantity= 18, Channel = 2) Check off all Boxes, And Assign the Souncard/Host output to the first option in the drop down menu.

    If you do not have this option, you must go through door number one. If it's not named like misha's do not worry. Its only the label of the output, not its actual destination.

    Remember. Kontakt can only support 32 mono signals. 18 tracks x 2 stereo = 32 mono. You must check off Delete existing ect.

    2. Proceed with Creating the tracks,

    Your first channel will be assigned as your master out. You may have no audio or channel activity. This is ok.

    3. You will be asked to Close/Open Kontakt. Go ahead and press the exclamation point at the top right of Kontakt Player

    You may see the channel names appear under GGD Routing options. DO NOT ASSIGN JUST YET. IT WILL BREAK IF YOU ASSIGN AND RENAME LATER

    4. Name each Kontakt channel according to each close mic, and then 1 channel as OH, 1 as NEAR ROOM, and 1 as FAR ROOM.

    5. Press the exclamation mark. This will now make the updated names of the channels appear in GGD

    6. You know what to do! Route those GGD's To Kontakts output channels!

    You now have all of your signal paths aligned!


    Now its time to activate the DAW outputs.

    For Cubase follow Misha's instructions from 3:58. In Cubase 8, you can make the side tab appear by scrolling your mouse on the left hand of the screen until a white tab appears, click on it. DO IT

    For Earlier versions of cubase who do not have this tab, look in the inspector , just above the button which brings up the window for the assign vst interface. You can activate them there.

    Other daw users. Sorry! I only have cubase. Look into your pdf manual, for "routing kontakt 5 outputs to "your DAW"

    I hope this helps. Let me know if these steps need refining.

    Like this Comment a bunch and put it to the top so everyone can see it.

    Periphery. Loving the samples. Cleanest out of all the vst's I have, and the least expensive.

    Keep being you


  • Alex Frith

    Yo Misha, I'm kinda stumped at the very beginning because where I have to select soundcard / Host output below number of channels and quantity and such, I have no option for Halpern drums, only st1 (2 times), a few aux and the rest unassigned.

  • Ludvig Ottosson

    Could you maybe do a tutorial how to change the note that triggers each drum? I already have a drum map setup that fits my other sample-packs so it would be cool to change GGD so it fits that!

  • Ragnarok

    Misha I'm lost 🙁 I'm a noob when it comes to this stuff, but I have cubase 5 and I don't have the thing off to the side where you activated all the output channels? Can't find it, Thank you.

  • Byte MUSIC

    I use Ableton Live 9 and this video really helped me. Although I was unable to easily route the actual tracks setup as easily as Misha did. All I did was just add tracks within Ableton and go from there.

  • comatr0n

    thanks. i hope you guys will contact a VSTi programming company and put this greatness out in dedicated software. this samples in a thing like XLN audio´s interface would be dope!

  • Dennis Eriksson

    Thank you for doing this! The only bother I've had so far is that I can't get drummaps for it to work for some reason. I'll keep at it. Keep doing what you guys do! You are all great!

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