PRO PRESENTS: NGHTMRE Ableton Demo + Q&A @ The Loft UCSD

NGHTMRE talks on creative inspiration, coming up in the scene, his personal Ableton tricks, and much much more…

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Brought to you by the UCSD Producers & Remixers Organization

Filmed and edited by Emile Modesitt

@1:08 Introduction + backstory
@5:34 NGHTMRE Beginnings
@10:20 Important Notes
@15:45 Current state of dance music
@17:38 Agenda
@18:24 As producers…
@19:55 Production process
@20:34 CLARIFY
@28:27 Prodigy – The Bomb Remix
@41:20 8-Bar idea expansion
@50:00 Vocal chopping
@58:40 NGHTMRE – Street (Unreleased ID)
@1:03:17 Organizing and collecting samples
@1:04:31 Finding samples
@1:05:40 Sampling the real world
@1:11:11 Personal advice from Flux Pavilion
@1:12:25 Importance of reverb
@1:14:10 Track delay to add a natural feel
@1:15:18 Audio/MIDI default editing tools

@1:17:42 Tips or tricks to get your head in the production mindset?
@1:19:30 How important for career was it to move to a big music city?
@1:24:00 How was the kick/sub made in the Street (Unreleased ID) track?
@1:28:42 What was your inspiration to make production a career?
@1:31:10 (Video) Ira Glass on the creative process
@1:33:18 Tips to make the drop stand out more?
@1:36:26 How much back and forth between writing and mixing?
@1:38:33 Tips to spark creativity or get rid of writers block?
@1:41:52 Methodology for picking synth wavetables?
@1:46:28 Spending a long time in the studio – do you take breaks?
@1:49:40 Do you have a specific idea before entering a session?
@1:52:20 What led to put out the “Good Vibrations” track with Slander?
Mixing and production in Ableton Live

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