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Pitch Correcting Vocals with VARIAUDIO in CUBASE 9

This is part 1 of 2.
In this video, I will show you how I do pitch correction with Variaudio on a lead vocal track. VariAudio will work on a monophonic signal only and is available on every audio track in Cubase. If you don’t have Cubase 9, no worries, VariAudio is included in Cubase since version 5.

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  • ThirdFocus

    I used to hate cubase 5, GUI was really bad, hard to write down some midi notes. seems like cubase 9 is more friendly and more modern. I've tried all daws, Bitwig, ableton, studio one, fl studio all seem lacking midi editing with cubase looks and sounds awesome hopefully it's a good hybrid between for trailer/film scores, then sound design or more into producing edm

  • Frankior

    7:22 – The "quantize bitch"? Interesting new feature, haha! Good video, btw. I was wondering how good their pitch correction was since I'm finally considering an upgrade from my stone age version of Cubase 😉

  • Gra Xx

    Are you serious?? .That singing on the word down,was fine. I've been a singer for thirty five years.That was fine.That singer is a very good singer. Use an example on a bad singer. Stop fucking with things ,you have NO ear for!!!

  • Bhavik Patel

    Your Video Helps a lot.. i am on Cubase 9 now.
    One More Question..
    I have to zoom Vertically every time after 1st time pressing Pitch & Warp Button on Every Events. Is there any one time set to Default Zoom Parameters that i like the most…? i created shortcut to solve this issue. but in cubase 5 (i used earlier) i have to set my prefered zoom for the one time only. then on any event or project i am there with that zoom settings only.
    any idea for that??

  • Audrey Song

    hi thanks for sharing,i have a question, i use cubase 5 before, i can hear how is was when i moving the vocal note,but now i'm using Cubase pro 8.5, i couldn't hear anything when i move it, sound only appear when i click 'play'', i already able that 'speaker' logo ,but din't work….wait for your reply=) thanks

  • Jeff Thomas

    Question: can you use chord track for pitch correction? I've always wanted to set the song key in vari audio so the notes would only pitch correct to notes in the key of the song. I've heard it can be done with chord track but not sure how. Maybe for the next video? Thanks!

  • Realraven2000

    You are absolutely AWESOME! I have been using Pitch Correct for a year now, this is really in depth and I learned several new things – this will be especially useful for people who have already used Cubase pitch correction before. Looking forward to part 2!

    2:13 power tip – by using the 3rd button on top you will hear any note you click and this will be better than just visual feedback as it will tell you better whether the note is off or whether it is just an "okay blue note".

    Good tip about avoiding the pitch snapping with SHIFT I learned something new here. great about the TAB key as well, this is gonna save me HOURS 🙂 Goes to show you should learn all shortcuts!

    Anchor points – I didn't know that (I also prefer to use segments and then keep some of the "sliding in" sections, but it's great to have that option.

    Another tip is that you will often have to use segments when Cubase doesn't recognize that a single syllable went through 2 different notes.

    Last tip: If you want to build harmonies you can configure Cubase to create new copies of your wav when you are manipulating a section. This way you do not have to render or mixdown to duplicate a voice.

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