Our Most Complete DAW Ever. Period. | Cubase Pro 9 Promo Video

See how our Cubase Pro 9 DAW steps up the game on all levels! Watch this video that runs you through some of the latest feature additions to one of the best music recording and production software applications out there. There’s the Sampler Track, which is much more than merely the sampler Cubase users have anticipated. There’s also the user-requested mixer undo/redo feature pertaining to the ultra-capable action history that lets you access and branch out from past actions. In its completeness, Cubase Pro 9 focuses not only on new tools but zeros in on greater stability and workflow enhancements — just look at the Plug-in Sentinel and improved cloud collaboration features! Surely, realization should have kicked in by now and you understand that Cubase Pro 9 delivers everything you’ll ever need to produce music from start to finish.

We hope you find this video entertaining and useful. If you like what you see, please leave a comment and tell us what you think. Thank you.
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  • Zinkroid Music

    been using FL studio for 9 months, then I switched to Cubase LE-AI-Elements 9 now. and it's way better than FL. love the DAW and want to see better stuff coming up in the Cubase​ 10 series. <3

  • Dj Scoox

    Funny ho many of the new features of Cubase 9 are old features in practically every other DAW. Historically Steinberg are notorious for not listening to user feedback. All they've done here is copy stuff that other DAWs have had since day one, 8 A.M. And that is good, it's good Steinberg realize how blind and stubborn they have been for over a decade. Meh.

  • BT

    Common Steinberg! Looks like Cubase 8.6
    The only new DAW features I see is Undo/redo history, Layout (for who doesn't use dual screen) and markers (yeah I know, and a sampler track for the FL wannabes).
    How many people are waiting for a upgrade which is for 90% a plug-ins upgrade (for who doesn’t use third party plug-ins) and pay 99 euro?
    O well, if they do upgrade to something useful we 8.5 owners will need to pay more to upgrade to that, or (most probably) make the choice to step over to a other DAW then, if we have to pay the bucks anyway….

  • LabGecko

    Two minutes hyping a resize-able window. That's like advertising a new sandwich and spending two minutes explaining how the new addition of "meat" makes this sandwich the most complete ever.

  • Lacki Miliadis Project

    Hello. I discovered an issue with cubase pro 9. When i record enable several tracks and
    have the monitoring button so i hear what i play, if i then save and
    exit cubase the record enable is not saved. I would like to have that
    setup saved so every time i come back to cubase the record on the
    channels should be there. Dont know if thats a bug but that would be
    nice and save time.

  • Gidon Ricardo

    It all great really but when will you fix the bug that when you turn ON the control keyboard (USB) after the CUBASE is on, it will be operational?
    I work on Cubase 8.5 pro and this is still a problem. I have to turn on the keyboard before the cubase otherwise it does not work

    Please fix this.

  • Lacki Miliadis Project

    I just switched from S1 to cubase 9 but dont know if cubase has this function where if you solo 1 channel and drag down, several tracks gets soloed, right now i have to click on every track i want to solo wich messes up the workflow. Does anyone know if this is possible in cubase? I have tried to look in the manual and all the menus but i cant find it.

  • Charles Hill

    It's great, but there's one deal killer. The Plug-In Sentinel puts many of my favorite Native Instruments plug-ins into the blacklist. I need some technical information to know how to request that NI fix them, which I wish Plug-In Sentinel would provide. It reliably crashes when closing a project when there is a 64-bit version of ReWire installed here: C:Program FilesCommon FilesPropellerhead SoftwareReWire The problem goes away if I just delete ReWire. Maybe it should just blacklist that, too. Now, without ReWire, I can't even connect/synchronize to Ableton to access my Native Instruments plug-ins, and I'm really screwed. Maybe ReWire VST works? Maybe I really wish Cubase 9 supported Ableton's Link protocol.

  • RecordTrance

    I really wish people would stop with the blurry background. its really annoying and many times i have to look away from the screen.
    on and off and on and off with the blur effect. – please stop.
    Its sad that now I have to go to another youtube users video to check out the new features because Steinberg thinks the blur effect is cool when its not.
    damit I have to get up and drink an aspirin because of the blur effect.

  • ariky Ariky

    I was to give it a try as an FLStudio User for 8 years, I think it has nothing better. That sampler section.. how could you implement it just now but not years ago? I am really shocked at the.moment. Not gonna check new updates of Cubase for like 5 years..

  • house music

    can you give me a free trial copy of cubase? if you can provide me with a key ill actually make videos making house music once a week. i cant say daily as thats not realistic. but.. i do make house music.and am good at it. i also have friends who you guys have sent copys to for promo purposes. if u can please reply and get back to me.id be very grateful. i dont believe in cracked stuff. at all. but if i like cubase i will buy it. i can already use logic and ableton pretty advanced. but i like cubases interface. i want to explore a whole new daw and make some tracks but honestly i just dont have a thousand dollars to put on a new daw right now. peace.

  • Steve Steele

    Cubase 9. Looks like they took a good look at Digital Performer. Not that there's anything wrong with that. The two best DAWs on the planet for MIDI orchestration, and my two favorite DAWs are now even more similar. Would like to see the upcoming DP10 return the favor and add something like Expression Maps.


    Look at Andy Schrav's HALion 6 Intro videos. In one, he opens up his local drive to get a sample and you can see the folders on the drive. One says 'Cubase 9.5'. Hard to say what his involvement might be with that release, maybe there's a chance that functional enhancements discussed in the comments here could still make it in.

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