Mixing an Indie Pop Song in Cubase with Fab Dupont – Trailer

See Fab’s entire mix – https://www.puremix.net/video/mixing-an-indie-pop-song-in-cubase.html
After hundreds of requests, Fab Dupont finally takes on a full mix, in the box, all in Cubase. Featuring the song Periscopes by NYC band Plastic Days, Fab mixes the song from scratch and describes every move he makes in detail.

Topics discussed in this tutorial:
– Working with acoustic and electronic drums together
– Parallel processing
– Synth processing
– Reverb and delay sends and settings
– Phase alignment
– Tons of EQ and Compression decisions all along the way

Fab uses stock Cubase plugins as well as plugins from Sonnox, Universal Audio, Soundtoys, Waves and more.

As always, this tutorial also comes with the WAV file stems of the session so you can create your own mix of this song. This way you can practice your skills and mix this song using your own tastes, tools, plugins and put the tricks you learn from Fab to use right away.

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