Mastering in Ableton Live | Mac Vaughn

Mastering engineer Mac Vaughn walks us through his personal mastering chain in Ableton Live. This chain of effects is applied to all of the music he masters, and is a mixture of his favorite Ableton stock Devices – as well as third-party plugins.

He covers his EQ and compression techniques, as well as multiple tricks to add color and depth to a final mix.

00:00:07 – Glue Compressor
00:03:28 – FabFilter Pro-Q 2
00:13:51 – Multiband Dynamics
00:16:18 – Sonalksis StereoTools
00:18:42 – Kramer Master Tape
00:20:35 – PuigTec MEQ-5 & EQP-1A
00:21:50 – FabFilter Pro-L
00:24:19 – Magic AB

This is a short excerpt from our free event that took place on August 27th 2015 – An Evening with Ableton featuring Mac Vaughn and Ryan Origin. Watch the full video recap here:

His company Dark Star Audio has been offering mixing and mastering services for the last 7 years. For more info:


For more info on our Electronic Music Producer program:
Sound Design and Production in Ableton Live

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