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We welcome back Jonny for this great video tutorial where he shares how to set up Maschine in Logic Pro X properly for better arrangement and routing opportunities.

One very cool thing that the new version of Logic has going on is something that Jonny touches on at the very beginning of this lesson. You can switch between stereo and multi-out instances of Maschine in Logic Pro X. You do need to be running it as a multi-out plugin for all of this to work. With Maschine and Logic both set up properly you will be able to route your sounds so that each one you have in a group in Maschine can have it’s own channel in Logic for more control and truly professional mixing options.

With this level of complexity it is important to really understand exactly what each one of the steps involved is actually doing. As you progress through the process it is easier to see and understand what is happening, so if you start out a bit confused it’s nothing to worry about. If you are still confused at the end, you can simply watch the lesson again.

Dragging MIDI clips out from Maschine in Logic Pro X is one of the coolest features, as you watch the different instruments being created, on their own channels, each with their own arrangement and perfectly aligned with each other. So you are quickly rewarded for taking the time to set this all up the right way from the beginning. From here on out, the benefits are more and more apparent. Applying effects and processing sounds independently from each other is a no-brainer.

Now you can begin mixing your grooves from Maschine in Logic Pro X like the pros and instantly hear the difference in your music. This is one workflow tips that you need to know, so be sure to bookmark it and share it with your friends so they too can reap the rewards!



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