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In this tutorial for Maschine software, learn how to use effect modulation and other features to create a tape stop effect. This process lets you make a sample or other instrument slow down and lower in pitch, mimicking the sound of a track coming to a stop.

First, I set up the effect by duplicating my desired group and creating a pattern with room for the effect. I want to place the effect on a slice that plays for a few bars. If things are too busy, the effect can sound rushed.

With everything set up, I move on to recording the pitch modulation. This is the main bulk of the effect. After I have a sound that I like, I go back to the slice and change its settings to create a volume fade along with the pitch change. This subtle addition really polishes off the effect and makes it fit in with the rest of the project.

If you want to apply this effect to the master bus, you’ll have to use a VST. I recommend Guitar Rig – it has a pitch pedal that you can open up and then modulate the pitch setting to get a nice tape stop effect.

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