Maschine 2 – Polyrhythm With Odd Time Signatures in Maschine 2 – How to Tutorial

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In this tutorial, learn how to use odd time signatures to achieve complex polyrhythm in Maschine.

In this tutorial, using odd time signatures to achieve complex polyrhythm in Maschine 2 is covered. In previous tutorials, we’ve taken a look at hemiola, or three against two polyrhythm, which is easily accomplished in Maschine through triplet grids or triplets from the note repeat function.

However, in order to achieve other polyrhythms cleanly in Maschine, it’s necessary to use Maschine’s pattern-based sequencer’s ability to change time signatures. Maschine will allow numerators up to 16, opening up the possibility of many polyrhythms, including 5/4, 7/4, and 13/4, which are demonstrated in this video.

These grooves don’t rely on swing for their feel, and will sound equally good across a wide range of tempos, with several sweet spots. Polyrhythm allows for many grooves that are not possible through typical production techniques, and is a powerful way to create interest and tension through even relatively simple beats.

Maschine’s sequencer makes working with polyrhythms like these easy, in contrast to x0x-style sequencers or those of other drum machines with which these grooves might be difficult, tedious, or even impossible to achieve. Please leave a comment below if you use this technique in your productions!


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