Maschine 2.3 Recording MIDI in PreSonus Studio One 3 a quick video showing how to record MIDI directly into PreSonus Studio One 3 from Maschine 2.3 in real time.

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  • ChrisPhoenixBMR

    I followed all of the above steps with the latest Maschine and S1 verions and I'm getting 2 major issues. 1) when track monitoring is engaged, I get a horrible double-trigger when playing Maschine in the S1 sequencer. The double-trigger only occurs when hitting the pad, it doesn't record the double-trigger. 2) the latency is horrific… my recorded midi is delayed terribly. Any ideas? I followed the steps one by one to the T. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.

  • Jafe Jo

    This video made my evening, fam. Is there a way to get the Komplete Kontrol to work with Maschine to spread each pad over the 88 keys? It work initially when I load Maschine and the input is set to the KK88. Midi from the KK88 goes to Studio One, but nothing from Maschine. Your video solved the Maschine issue, but after I follow these steps, I get a weird midi mode where each key represents a pad on the K88. The same thing happens when I got into keyboard mode on the Maschine. It's as if keyboard mode is disabled. Any help mucho appreciated.

  • KASmonkeys

    Thank you for doing this video!

    I have a workflow question please?

    I've just gotten into beat making now owning Maschine (long time S1 user and composer), and trying to figure out the best workflow to get beats down fast for creativity, (as in the grooves and rhythms) before recording vocals and synths etc in Studio One?

    It looks like there are several ways to do this, and would love to hear your point of view (if not others too)?

    I've come to learn that beatmaking done on Maschine (etc) first to get the groove, is the way, but it looks like there are several different approaches.

    Thanks 🙂

  • Janjvon Harris

    How u doing my brother?…I've done everything you said to do but when record something it not picking it up… but the trk is reading but no play back i hope am saying it right.
    what u think?

  • Michael Pietanza

    Also my main concern about this is when it comes time to arrange in Studio1 so you can then mix in Studio1, how do I make sure the sounds from Maschine are seperated into individual tracks? I like to do my full production/arrangement in Maschine and then transfer it to a higher quality DAW to mix down. This is a great starting point and I know how to do all that in PT and Logic but thinking about making the switch to Studio1

  • enjoyskater26

    been watching all your videos trying to figure out which DAW i should get to use with maschine.
    which one would you say is the most straight forward? bitwig? studio one? abelton?

  • DJ Sangbang

    there is this problem that I can't hear sound while studio one is open I checked release audio device in background but I have to minimize studio one and wait then sound works again i have maschine 2.4 and everything is different it says mikro mk2 out not host or anything else no root note. Idk what to do know I'm just looking for simplistic good-looking software to record into because maschine isn't the most user friendly to work with

  • kmgf

    I been having Maschine 2 for a couple years now but I still have to use Maschine 1 with my DAW… Why is Maschine 2 so bad when it comes to using it as a VST. The first one is cool, why would they change it and make it worse?? lol

  • DCBeats

    My question is if I set up Maschine like this, just as a blank preset, can I save it for future use? I've been wanting to use Maschine in a different way with Studio One. I like this method, BTW.

  • thereallkmofo

    Hi really appreciate your vids. I've followed the vid to the tee, but when I play pad 5 it triggers pad 1 at the same time. It does the same thru to pad 16 triggering pad 12. Any ideas on what I've done wrong?

  • mikelo303

    Great video. I just found out that all this works fine BUT – when you use Keyboard mode (for pad) in Maschine and try to play melody in maschine, MIDI does not work anymore as it should. Meaning it won't play back melody you played in Maschine (in keyboard mode). It only works if you are triggering single sound per pad . Can you confirm this or/and maybe tell me workaround? I know I can play melody directly in S1 but I already have melodies in my track created in Maschine and I wanted to use S1 for precise arrangement. Everything works except melodies. They do not play back when using Maschine in S1 as VST. Any ideas? Maybe you can point me somewhere? Thx! 🙂

  • Fritz Huber

    Nice video! Thanks!
    Hope you can help with a little issue…
    I´d like to use Studio Drummer (in Maschine!)with this method – but, it´s not sounds and groups like in your video. When i load a kit i have to swith to keyboard mode to be able to access the drums samples. I tried to route it like you did – i can see the signal in Studio One, i can see the recorded notes, i can hear it when i play – but it does NOT play the recorded notes. Doublechecked all your steps without any result …
    Anyone with a solution?

  • mikelo303

    Hi. can you please make video showing how to set up each treck in Studio1 mixer? That part is missing – showing how to represent each maschine track in mixer. Now I have 1 instrument in mixer and many track in arranger. How to make it work so I can see each Maschine group in my Studio mixer so I can change volume/pan/etc. ?
    I think my confusion starts where Mashine master output is actually ch1 so If I want to route each group one by one I have to actually start witch ch2 on first group and so on, leaving ch1 output reserved for master. If that makes sense.

  • Fith Element

    Greetings, First off Thank You for this video and all the others you have helped us with. Do I have to use midi to record a track into Studio One using Maschine? I have a track I've made in Maschine and juss want to send a quick demo to someone but im not getting a signal. Thanx again

  • Marco Chiavetta

    Oh god using maschine with other sequencer is always a big mess.. I've exactly followed all the steps you described in your tutorial and everything is ok except a little think. I don't have any manù about channel selection on the right of the input on the track.. I can only select the the instrument and the channel of the instrument then I can choose the midi input but I can't choose the channel of the midi input!! I'm getting crazy !!

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