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This Maschine 2.0 overview will help you quickly understand some of the key differences between the original Maschine software and the latest upgrade that was just released by Native Instruments.

What better way to kick things off here at the new website than to have a Maschine 2.0 overview where we explore some of the biggest changes and improvements made to this amazing program. From the new browsing and tagging system to the killer drum synth feature to working in the new mixer console. No matter what type of Maschine hardware you happen to use, the software running it is the same. So we will primarily be focusing on the software in the tutorials we feature on this site.

Each feature that is touched on in this Maschine 2.0 overview will be explained in more depth in future posts, so think of this as a basic crash course in just the newest and/or most-changed features. We start with the new browsing system, which is built around a nice tagging system to help keep your samples and sounds organized in a way that makes sense to you and your workflows. This is definitely a feature you want to begin taking advantage of as soon as you can. The larger your database of sounds becomes, the harder finding sounds will be unless you are proactive about your file management.

Next up in this Maschine 2.0 overview is the drum synth. NI has kicked down something really special here and it gives us the chance to quickly and easily create custom drum sounds ranging from classic 808 to hard-hitting and edgy hybrid shots. The sky is the limit here and the only thing holding you back is your own imagination.

The new mixer console is the next topic covered in this Maschine 2.0 overview. You can now load up as many effects, plugins, groups and scenes as you can handle. I think it’s safe to say that Maschine has been unleashed with this latest upgrade and is a much more legitimate DAW for modern producers. Of course, there is still a ways to go for it to match up with the likes of Logic Pro or Ableton, but it is hands-down better than version 1.

This Maschine 2.0 overview is wrapped up after looking at some of the new ways you can interact with and manipulate samples inside the editor. Now it is easier than ever before to slice, layer, loop, etc. With all of these new features and improvements that were just added, we are excited to be starting up this new site dedicated to helping you get the most out of your time with Maschine. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter so you are always up-to-date and never miss out on special promos, sales, announcements and more!



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  • Mike Adams

    Bought Komplete 10 Ultimate. Same problem here. Getting stuck on "Retrieving Download Information".

    Contacted support. A day later the guy first tells me the problem has allready been solved. I tell him I don't see any changes. Next answer again a day later. Has me install the NI support tool, I send him the generated file. Another day goes by. He tells me I should "run the downloader as an administrator from my desktop" or try using "another internet connection". Former obviously doesn't help, latter… surprisingly I do not have several internet connections in my house. A day goes by, no answer. I send him another mail refering to this forum, saying this is obviously nothing new and I ask if there's a workaround or if NI is working on a fix or if I should ask for my money back. Support doesn't answer for 2 whole days. So I call the German support line. Guy tells me he can send me the direct download links. Okay. So he sends me 75 download links for .iso files. That means: download, mount, accept user agreement, define install path, wait for installer, close, next. 75 times with no automation whatsoever.

    So I'm a patient guy and I did it (took me about 8 hours all together), but only to immediately run into the next problem, namely the one described in this thread:
    Again a known issue – Battery freezes my DAW for about 15-20 Minutes each time I start it up and Kontakt does the same when I close it effectively rendering both unusable. Being two of the most important components in Komplete Ultimate I decided this is the point where I will ask for a refund so I called the support again. Turns out the 14 days return policy doesn't apply to downloadable products at NI. So I got transfered to the technical support where for the first time someone at NI actually tried to solve my problem. But after 2 hours of moving the apps around, editing the registry, disabling hardware the guy finally tells me they have never encountered this problem before (really?!) and he has no idea what to do so he will start the refund process. So a few hours later I receive an email from NI saying:

    "Please note that usually download sales are final and can not be returned – see terms & conditions § 5:…rms-and-conditions/terms-and-conditions-gmbh/
    In your case, we could nonetheless make an exception based on goodwill."

    I didn't see the point in arguing, but I would like to state here, that refunding me my money after having sold me a defected product for 700 EUR should not need any "goodwill", considering the nature of the problem, being that NI is either not willing or not capable to solve 2 mayor, reoccuring issues with their products. All together, with installing and uninstalling all the apps, time spent on emailing and talking to support, trying to figure out the problem for myself and so on this little adventure cost me about 25 hours of my life and a stellar phonebill for the 2 hour support session with the office in Germany. After this, I would have felt better receiving some sort of apology and a coupon with my refund then hearing about NI's fine "goodwill".

    So, for anyone who intends to invest in NI products: according to my experience, it seems to be kind of a gamble. If you're lucky, the stuff might work with your hardware, if you're unlucky, it might not. And if it doesn't, apparently you are dependent on NI's "goodwill" wether you ever see your money again or are stuck with a disfunctional, occasionally unusable product.

    I personally will not risk to buy anything from NI again.

  • Michael Parrish

    Can anybody tell me how to save samples? I slice up a song with samples on each square, then when I disconnect my Maschine and reconnect it later I have to do everything all over again. I've tried to "save project with samples" but it still starts me back out from square one.

  • Kevin Hernandez

    My Maschine Mikro will not start up. When I plug it in, it lights up then after that nothing happens. Screen and Pads are both blank and it looks like it is turned off even though it is plugged in to the USB port. I've tried uninstalling/reinstalling, and did all of the steps Native Instruments provides in the knowledge base and still nothing. Any help is appreciated.

  • ARYE

    Almost 30 minutes to watch a tutorial is too long. The steps on how to use maschine to the fullest need to be explained in a quicker way. It is tough trying to learn and switching back and forth from this video to my maschine window.

  • GlitchBeats

    I'm having trouble updating my machine to software. It says I need the machine to content library and I can't find the download for it on the Native Instruments website.

  • Damon Gaines

    I just got my maschine mikro and I was wondering how to download maschine 2.0. can someone help? I just need to know how the file looks and wheres the safest place to download it.

  • jordache hartze

    hi, i tried it and it worked. its is only now that i can say i,m staring to understand maschine and i can say i like it . my baby is growing up now and have more time to sit with my software .

  • Ar Al

    Hi I have a question about exporting my completed beat. Everytime I export out or drag it out, the final size of the file is ridiculously large. By ridiculously large I mean like anywhere from 20-50mb(the beats are anywhere from 2:005:00 minutes long.) So my question is, how do you export it to that average 4-6mb size. I tried looking through tutorials and researched it and have found no answer. Please help!

  • tommy davachi

    can someone tell me whats that on/off switch up there next to volume and cpu? I cant find it anywhere and for some reason maschine shows noooooooo info inside the sofware for it.

  • walt9427

    Could you do a video on how to create a full song using the 2.0 software? I can create scenes but have no clue how to put multiple scenes together to create a full song.

  • Nate North

    Amazing work guys.  Great editing and pacing.  I've been using the new Book of Echoes expansion with Maschine 2.0 and being able to load in unlimited kits is really helpful.

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