Lemur/Cubase Template Tutorial Video

A detailed look at how to setup a basic template with iOS Lemur to control DAW Commands and virtual instruments within Cubase.

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  • Hugh74ify

    Thanks a lot for this great tutoría. Just one question.. Do you know how could we program that when you click on a specific track, in your iPad change to the right instrument page to change their articulations? i.e. click on an albion 1 track, so in iPad it goes to albion 1 TAB. Thanks a lot

  • LebenWerden

    hi guys. I used Leemur after one year and now its not working. I see on my Computer-Display Lemur. But if i cant click on the buttons in the menu bar. Nothing. Any ideas?
    I want open folder button … nothing.
    I want open settings ….nothing.
    Even the button is not moving.

  • Andrew Skipstream

    Thanks Ryan – this really helped and I got it working BUT Cubase keeps losing all the device settings for the Generic Remote – so all the mappings – drives me crazy – any ideas? Someone mentioned maybe using IAC but not sure what they meant. Thanks in advance if you get this and choose to help – great vid either way – thanks

  • Felipe Ayres

    Hello Ryan, thanks for the tutorial! It was great. There is this one thing that keeps bugging me which is: in your exemple with the 3 Albion tabs, do you have to change the midi channel of Albion 2 and 3 on lemur to correspond the midi channel they are in kontakt? Or do you rely on the fact that cubase will automatically send commands from channel 1to the subsequent midi channels/tracks. I would love to understand that a bit more. Thx!

  • Jerry Barry

    GREAT video. I honestly have never watched a more informative and helpful instructional video. I just got lemur this afternoon and am already making effective templates. I have one request. It would be hugely helpful to me to see a final screen shot of your generic remote setup for your midi key changes and other cues. Again great video and thank you for spending the time to help your fellow musicians.

  • Luke Johnson

    I was about to ask "Can you make faders to control Dynamics, Expression, Volume, Trem, etc with Kontakt Instruments" and low and behold you can!  Thanks for such a brilliant tutorial.  I now must buy Lemur as this is a game changer and can turn my iPad into something incredibly useful! Thanks.

  • Jacob Proctor

    Ryan, thanks so much for the video tutorial! I'm struggling with one aspect that I'm hoping you could help me with. Getting midi faders that control midi cc 1,7,11,etc is really easy, however I'm wondering how do you get cubase to communicate with lemur? Say I select a midi track and adjust cc faders, then I select a different midi track, how do I get lemur to update the position of the cc faders to correspond with cc parameters of the selected track?

  • Jaap Visser

    Thank you very much for this very clear tutorial. Really good to follow, you explain it realy nicely and this actually made me purchase Lemur. I was doubting between TouchOsc and Lemur, but so much more options here and with your tutorial I could make a great start. Thanks again!

  • Lior Cohen

    Hi Ryan, first ting first – thanks for this tutorial. It's great. Second, can you think of a reason why after following the steps one by one the Lemur app isn't affecting the Cubsae (PC)? meaning, I'm pressing Play or Stop buttons – after doing exactly as you did – on my iPhone app but it's not working on the Cubase. Any ideas? Thanks, LC

  • bcarwell1

    Ryan, thanks so much for taking the time as I now understand the incredible power Lemur provides.  Two quick questions: is your Cubase on a Mac or PC and if not a PC do you anticipate any problems with a Cubase PC ?  And can you recommend any additional sources for tutorials/idiots guides in coming up to speed with Lemur and midi application ?  Again, glad I ran into this via VI-Control and I'm sure you'll have many visitors.

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