How to Use VCA and Group channels in Cubase | Q&A with Greg Ondo

Learn more about VCA and Group channels in this video with Greg Ondo. Not only does he cover the basics, such as adding a Group channel or VCA faders to channels, he also looks at the use of VCA Linking channels in the mixer and Group channels for processing. Have fun!

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  • Adam Calaitzis

    Greg the way you have showed this has set up a parallel processing buss, sometimes useful but not always what you want. and secondly if you do really want a parallel buss, direct summing isn't always the best way, for example….. you want to do a parallel drum buss (as is common practice) using direct summing will send each drum track 100% equal level to the buss, if you however use a send instead, you can choose to send different amounts to the parallel buss per drum. On the other hand if you don't want a parallel buss, you just want to group some tracks together to process as one (like in your video example of backing vocals above) you are better off setting the output assignment from each channel to the group input, then the group becomes a submix and you can apply processing there and it effects 100% of the signal.

  • far ema

    I always send all selected tracks to vca and groups together …
    It changes the output to the input of group …
    I don't know why anyone wants to send to group and separately to stereo out at the same time

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