How to Use Kontakt 5 Multi-Outs in Cubase 7

This is a down and dirty, I mean dirty, explanation of using the multi-output configuration from my last video in Cubase 7. This was somewhat requested by a viewer and hopefully it helps you all out too.

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  • Dan Hargrave

    I wanted to use SoundIron baritone guitar in a Cubase project. After looking at this video and seeing how involved it is to use Kontakt and Soundiron and everything I think it would be easier to just buy a baritone guitar and play it directly. And I used to be a software developer. Why does everything have to be so complicate? (sigh)

  • Görey Beydağı

    Hi there
    I try to do this setup with my Kontakt 5.6 on Cubase Pro 8.5 but I faced with an issue that Cubase do not show other outputs on vst rack. I was use version 7.5 before and everything was ok. Now I can assign outputs instruments send the signal to the output midi track assign correctly on DAW but vst rack shows only st.1 (stereo) (main). Am I do something wrong or I need to change an option somewhere. Thank you so much 🙂

  • GRJ Composer

    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for all the great videos. I'm having trouble with this one. I've gone through everything and it all looks good but for some reason the Midi is playing and responding but the stereo out has no level coming from it. It all worked fine before I changed Kontakt to have more stereo outs. Any ideas?

  • José Moreno

    Hello! I don't know if you reply this anymore… When I use f11 and assign Kontakt I only have one "Kt. St. 1 [Estéreo]", the others says "Kt. Aux. 1 [Estéreo]" and I only have 4 auxs. How do I make more "St."?

  • pigpog2307

    Can you make a video for one instance so it's not so confusing..?Is it necessary to create two instances when routing 12 instruments? or can you route all 12 through the one instance..?

  • atrothe

    Thanks for the video man. BUT you don't need a compressor to get a reasonable audio level. Just crank the volume. The TV remote is so slow to respond.

  • Albert Wang

    The routing is incomplete. You only showed the correct midi channels routing, but the audio sound track output wasn't complete. I think you have to set up separate output on Kontakt output track. 

  • Just Me

    Hi again, Kontakt is only showing me the virtual keyboard for the first instrument in the same Kontakt session. How do I make it show the right virtual keyboard, this because of for example special keys that I need to see that are displayed in red or yellow or just to see to where the range goes of that particular instrument.

  • Just Me

    I thought I was gonna be smart and create a third Kontakt instance to train this, but there are some strange things happening for me.
    -the set remote controls icon seems to be shifting randomly? What's it for?
    -I thought I make one channel with 4,6,8,10 but it seems I cannot turn off ST.1 (main)
    -since you used MIDI channel 1 in both those Kontakt 5 01/02 I guess it's okay to re-use the MIDI channel 1 for multiple purposes?

    Sorry… I just want to do it right this time and really understand what I'm doing. Thank you so much, so far.

  • Just Me

    I'm beginning to understand this way of working little by little! I like these lessons very much. I've created 12 channels and assigned them in this tutorial! Going to the next  😀  +1

  • Just Me

    Finally there I am again, Chris. How are you! I finally saved up enough money to buy Cubase 7.5
    I've got a Kkkkestionnn 🙂  as usual…  Is it possible that through the UR-22 you advised me to play my friends guitar through Cubase with those built-in amps/fx and me using Kontakt at the same time?

    (Sorry for some extra posts, I often seem to come to the solution when watching on or watching it over and over again)

  • Tanner Smith

    Hey, I have a quick question. 

    When I set up my multi-outs in Kontakt, it won't let me use st ch1 unless I have the midi turned up on the corresponding channel but the other channels don't react this way. Is this purely because the stereo channel 1 is linked directly to Kontakt when it's created? This is the only thing that would make sense in my mind. Either way, it's a bit of a inconvenience. It took me a while to figure it out but I'm just curious as to why I can keep the other midi channels at zero and still get output. 

    Also, in your video, you route Kontakt 1 with harpsichord and piano but then you demonstrate by playing the second instance of Kontakt. I thought that was kind of funny considering if you could hear the output while doing screen capture, you wouldn't hear it. haha 

    I've watched this video too many times. 


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