How to Use Cubase Recording Software : How to Edit MIDI: Cubase Tutorial

Learn how to edit MIDI in Cubase music recording software in this free online video tutorial.

Expert: Matt Nichols
Bio: Matt Nichols is a freelance web and graphic designer. He creates sites for high profile clients and is considered an expert at all things internet-related.
Filmmaker: Matthew Mickelboro

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  • King of the Road

    I recorded some midi tracks and blah blah blah and when i press play to listen to the actual song every time each track stops (for a while or even at the end of the song) the sound of the last note continues playing forever… Even if i press stop the note that the cursor was last on is being played forever unless i go to the program i use for the sound and turn the volume of… then i turn the volume up again and everything is fine until i press play again… why is this happening?

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