How To Use Ableton Push 2 with Julian Gray – Melody Writing

This week Sonic Academy welcomes Collab Alliance and YouTube sensation Julian Gray to give us an in-depth look at the Ableton’s latest hardware controller for Live – the Push 2.

With its super–sensitive pads that turn this controller into a true keyboard instrument and the new graphic display which presents a lot more information including waveform visualisations, the Ableton Push 2 really opens up a new world of creative improvisation and experimentation.

In this course, Julian creates a cool and simple progressive track utilising this impressive controller and shows us how much fun you can have with this hands-on, tactile way of creating music.

The Ableton Push 2 isn’t just a controller but also an instrument that can really help your music have a more ‘human’ feel with the sensitivity of the pads catching the velocity more accurately than its predecessor, and automating live rather than drawing the curves in the DAW itself to help speed up your workflow.

Enjoy getting to grips with this awesome piece of hardware!

Here Julian shows us how to lay down the basic structure of the track.
EDM composition in Ableton Live

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