How to Set up Cubase LE AI Elements | Getting Started with Cubase LE AI Elements 8

Those of you who don’t know Cubase, it’s our digital audio workstation for professional multi-track audio recordings. In this video tutorial we will be talking about installing Cubase, we’ll go over basic operations and see to it that you connect the music software with a MIDI interface, a microphone and other gear. Only after you’ve set up Cubase can we start to learn how to record music, so don’t procrastinate and get going!

We hope you find this video entertaining and useful. If you like what you see, please leave a comment and tell us what you think. Thank you.
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  • Sarah Chiari

    sound not playing – this is frustrating. I have tried to follow instructions by the very kind soul below – "Wurfelement" but my versions of windows is different as menus not the same. Hence, stuck and fed up like so many below; bring back reel to reel.

  • Vivek Sharma

    Thanks for this useful cubase series Sir. Your videos are just awesome. I am using Cubase elements 8 at present but don't know to use its 'Pitch Shift' feature. Previously I use to work on Cubase 5 which has an easy pitch shift feature, same nuendo 4 too has. But this version of pitch shift in cubase 8 elements is complicated, so could you please make a video on particulary 'Using pitch shift' in cubase elements 8 Sir? Shall be thankful to you!! ☺

  • Jim Jacobson

    This is the least user friendly mess I have ever used. I'm a quarter German and I have no clue what they were thinking when they designed this monstrosity. Glad I didn't pay for it. Got it free with my Yamaha sound board. Sheesh!

  • Tolé Madna

    Hi, great explination but I've one or two questions:
    Is it possible to hear al the sounds (now on your headphone) also throught my laptop, I only can hear pre-recorded tracks throught my laptop but I cannot hear the sound of my guitar (without latency) that I want to record next to the pre-recorded tracks.

    So Everything is possible throught the headphone plugged into the M-Audio, but not throught my laptopspeakers or headphones plugged into my laptop.

    Do you have a solution?
    Regards, T. Madna (The Netherlands)

  • jhrharrison

    Wow! Five minutes into this video and I see that the interface looks NOTHING like that of my "LE AI!" Am trying patiently to do exactly what you say and pause your video every few seconds, but am not seeing the same screen. This is after I waited an extra three days to "license" and register my software after looking forward to a weekend using my UR-22. (Steinberg had to re-send another number.) And I LOVE the manual for the interface: 139 pages – and 17 are in my native language!

    Just look at the comments on problems with obtaining sound alone! That should provide a clue!

    So far you are neck-and-neck with Focusrite and TC Helicon in nebulous instruction! Am sick of looking at forums and reading the highly technical woes of people with models just slightly different than mine! How much do I have to pay to call a human and receive some advice on how to make this thing work – simply?

    Thanks for reinforcing my continued use of standalone digital multitrack recorders – for better or worse!

  • Jamis Billson

    Great tutorial though…I still stick by my comments below. Everything should be automated. If I own a synth, I don't want yo be asked…"Do you want you use your synth as a synth or as Cup of coffee". Loops and computers are part of the reason for the dire quality of today's music. Simple really…if you know how. And I don't.

  • Jose Salvador Portales Solis

    I bought cubase full version in May of 2016 and used it until november for change of computer. Now February 2017 I wanted to resume in music using cubase and when I try to download it from my account it turns out that the download takes forever.

    And I had to look support in other forums of music since in the center of support of steinberg never answer as in this video I think that they do not respond.

    It is very sad to know that you bought a product and it turns out that you can no longer use it.
    This should be like when we buy a car, you buy it but if you do not use it, you know that there is a car to handle it whenever you want.

  • Willem van der Leeden

    Am i the only one here who doesn`t hear sound ? I can click on english subtitles . So i have Cubase LE Elements 8 but i can`t intergrate the sound from my Line 6 Pod Studio GX ,only a clear tone from my guitar when i wanted to record on Cubase .Am i missing something ? .

  • Krumm Saebel

    Cubase just sucks! First it won`t start on the 2013-laptop of my daughter, because it could not display Win 7 aero design – hey isn`t this audio-software? Ok, we bought a new one. But – experimenting some hours, we couldn`t get any single tone out of it. Ok, maybe we haven`t studied it sufficiently, try again. But now it says, that licence is out of date!! Hey you guys, we bought this with an UR22 and a t-bone 450, did we get a test version? And by the way: The licensing procedre is mazy. Ok, now I put this thing on my Vaio machine for testing, but i3 and 8gb ram seems not enough – it starts very very slowly an kills all audio on my laptop, so when it`s running, I could not watch the video tutorials it offers!! That is simply ridiculous!

  • Vincent Gauthier

    I've purchased Elements 8 (full version) and have found that neither the Steinberg Hub (Quick Start) tutorial video links or Steinberg's YouTube video account allow me to play any of the videos. I continually get error messages that state the video is unavailable. My computer is working fine and I have no difficulty accessing other YouTube or on-line videos. I suspect your YouTube account restricts foreign access. I am in Canada. Can this please be corrected?

  • Gibson Weasel

    My cubase keeps bombing out on my mac when im in the middle of working on something?? it also deletes the work I saved? I am seriously getting close to totally dropping using any of your software in the future!!!!!!!! its cost me 4 tunes lately which not acceptable

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