How to Record in Cubase LE AI Elements | Getting Started with Cubase LE AI Elements 7

If you’re looking for a how-to video on recording in Cubase, then it’s good you stopped by. We’ll show you ways and means of working in Cubase, our audio recording software, and get you under way with many recording tips. You’ll learn about the Project window, best audio recording techniques, channel controls and the channel editor. Hit the play button so that we can get started right away!

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  • Fab Doose

    When I start Cubase the sound of youtube etc. is muted…..
    And I cant make it hearable….
    If I close cubase and restart YT the sound is back…
    Pls Help to fix this!!!!!!
    And my second problem is that in cubase I am just hearibg the metronome clicking but not any other sonds……
    Pls help me<3

  • burnedbysound

    wholey shit stienberg, i was hoping to learn how to use cubase ai but this comments section is 100% problems. NOT encouraging in the least! Especially on top of the fact that i'm here because I bought stienberg's Cl1 usb interface which came with Sequel LE7, and wavelab mastering software. Both open right and look like they work but neither software would work or even record or play audio on my macbook. So i just used the interface with garageband but the pre amp in the Cl1 blew out in under 1 month!!! so the store replaced it, and it happened again!! then 3 more times and the 5th time the pre amp in that piece of shit blew out i went and got another interface the stienberg UR22 which comes with a download code for free cubase ai 8 which i am now dreading to install…

  • Gouriprasad Tripathy

    I purchased a used focusrite scarlet 2i2.accordingly registered with the bundle code for free software le7(cubase). unfortunately i could not find the activation code though the registration process done.what is the solution?

  • Ralf BBHarpy

    i have a problem with this Cubase Version. Just bought a Yamaha MG 10 XU Mixer and whant to record a Saxophone. i did all settings like needed ( i think so ) but when i push the record button for my Sax, Cubase is recording the Backingtrack on the Saxline too…what´s wrong ???  settings " no Bus and stereo out" for the Backing  please help me…. :-))))))

  • Ambrose Daimei

    Hi First of all i m trying to record without using the input for the speaker and whenever i choose the option the acoustic guitar and Vocal n try to open the files i get error message stating MISSING PORTS…can you PLZ help me…is it nesessary to connect the input to record? since i don't ve the budget to buy the Speakers..thank you

  • Syed Armaghan Hassan

    Thanks for such lovely videos..
    One question though
    I am just a beginner.. Total newbie…
    While recording on Cubase 7, my Rode NT1a sounds like a laptop microphone..
    Have I been ripped off at my purchase of microphone by buying a fake one?
    Do I have to configure my audio interface and mic settings properly? Please help.. I am really worried…

    Thanks a million!

  • MojoB06

    Hello Steinberg,
    Gt a little problem , I just bought a Scarlett studio and I'm using Cubase LE7 , when plugged I can hear the mic and the guitar , but for some reason it won't record.
    I use a PC , thanks

  • Danny Cohen

    Hello Steinberg and co…

    I have done as the instructions say in the beginning of the video, that is I clicked on NEW PROJECT and then RECORDINGS and clicked on PIANO AND VOCAL and then I prompted and chose a new folder, clicked OK and everything but the project shows up as a clean slate, that is to say that the piano and vocals have no track. what do I do? 




    Hi im having problems with my cursor, the default (I) shaped setting allowing the highlighting of tracks from the upper time bar is gone and i do not know where it has gone or how to get it back HELP!!! please

  • shoolini

    I have installed 64bit on my PC which run on Windows 8. I cannot hear my play back. Let me know 64bit is ok or do I need to re-install to 32 bit. I feel audio configuration is not set up correctly.

  • Pate Yate

    It starts off by saying "…right now, the song is just a piano part and a vocal" as if to imply that these were shown being laid down in a previous video (1-2.) The previous videos show how to connect everything, but hasn't started a song yet.

    They obviously skipped over a step that showed the piano and vocals being laid down.

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