How to Record Audio and MIDI from VST Instruments in Cubase | Q&A with Greg Ondo

In this video we’ll show you how to record audio and MIDI data from a virtual instrument in real time in a single pass. Applying these useful and easy-to-adapt routing tricks, you’ll be ready to simultaneously record audio and MIDI from a virtual instrument in no time. Click play and see for yourself!

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  • Negative Hype Media

    You can't select an output bus as an input channel for an audio track with Cubase artist. I've come to this conclusion after a couple hours of troubleshooting and research. Steinberg doesn't list this as a difference between the versions, and there was no mention of that stipulation in the video, citing the fact it says "blah blah in Cubase", without specifying which version, which leads one to believe this would be universally relevant. For a software and company I love, and have for a long time, you have really tested my patience today.

    Edit: Just downloaded and installed the trial for Cubase Pro 9 and confirmed that this is the case. Very Frustrating experience for me in more than one way, and it doesn't reflect well on Steinberg for me. Regardless I already know I'm gonna pay for the upgrade at the end of the trial, if only for this single capability. With that in mind, I have to say, well played.

  • Colin Dougall

    Very helpfull, thanks. I used the group track approach and it worked fine, but I had 2 midi tracks to render in place taking their input from the same group bus but each audio track seemed to record each others audio output. The only way I could sort it was to have a group bus for each track, which I thought was against the spirit of "group".

  • Bill Irwin

    Greg, you mentioned that Groove agent SE has its own output? This can be routed from a midi to audio track? I'm using Cubase artist 8.5 and should be able to do the routing to an audio track.

  • Gerhard Binkele

    Helpful again- thanks a lot!!! I like all of your stuff !!!

    Listenning carefully I've got one additionall question: Do you have two times the GA-audio-signal in the end ? One from the grouptrack and one from the GA-track itself? Could this cause problems?

    And another one: in the sends of the channel-view a yellow light is shining. Are the sends disabled?

  • Andrei Timotin

    Hey Greg, I have another question, you might have covered it in previous videos but i'm gonna ask it anyways… there a treacky routing way for the "render in place" function to make the render mono instead of stereo ? ..or are there any settings/preferences to activate to enable the mono for render in place, cause I didn't find anything like that. Thanks for ur videos

  • billribas

    one question – so could you create audio channels for each of the drums then? I am guessing yes, just not sure since I am relatively new to this. So if, say, the high hat was a little bright, and you wanted to adjust it, you could, without affecting the whole drums set.

  • orangevst

    Greg, how do i get certified in cubase? I've been a Cubase user for 20 years and know all this. Great that you guys have these videos for all users, but in my case, there are very few things from the hangouts, or how to videos i don't know about cubase.

  • Nicolai C. Manolikakis

    This is a excellent idea, thnk you Greg. I believe it is better than the Club Cubase because is small, accurate helpful and "direct" , up to the point. Of course the Club Cubase session is very useful also but this is another smart idea.

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