How to program Realistic Guitars in Cubase tutorial

How to program Realistic Guitars in Cubase tutorial

– Programming Real Guitar 3
– Mixing and Editing the Guitar sound and performance
– Sound Design of the Guitar sound
– Glue it together
– Mix it into the rest

I show you how are program acoustic guitars in Cubase with the VST plugin Real Guitar 3.

In this video I use Cubase 7.5.2 on MAC OSX and Real Guitar3

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//Alessandro Music

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  • Dhakadice

    Wow, a guitar VST that actually lets you programming note-by-note, instead of triggering pre-recorded chord samples. =)
    I've been searching for one of those. I hope they do one for electric guitars too.

  • rick caruso

    Hey Alex don't listen to the negative comments it's MUSIC and that's all that truly maters. If and when you need an a Very Realistic Guitar part because nothing else will do ? Then go Find one to Play the Guitar part for you. Otherwise learn to be happy with your tedious emulations, want to be more realistic don't quantize leave in a few mistakes here & there as that's a true reality of all songs. Learn to be happy with your work or you will find you have spent so many hours on making things perfect, when we live in an in an un perfect world. It's why during the Days of Analog recordings when Record Labels ruled the roost with an Iron wallet. Seldom did the Artist's, Singer Song Writers, or the actual Band Members play on their own Albums.

    The unseasoned players had to sit back and watch as the Studio Musicians played the takes for them & could lay down a well played track with 2 or 3 takes saving the Record Labels / Companies lots of cash & heated complaints from the Engineers & Producers. There are some very well made Youtube Videos that tell the story Validating what I have just told you. Many of these Studio Players were so talented . that they were able to create careers for themselves and / or were asked to go on tour with the Major Acts of the day. The funniest part to me was the Bands went home & learned their Own Songs as Covers the same way we did as we covered those great hits while we honed our own talents playing the Top 40's to entertain in local Bars, VFW halls, Moose Lodges, Summer fests, resorts, Night Clubs, Bikers Club Houses, and dumps. All while hoping we might write enough songs to make an Album of our own. No wonder there were so many unknown groups that never made it big , even though we could sound as good or better than those who got lucky & had a contract. A contract that was very lopsided in favor of the Labels the Talent hated it so much that they went out on their own hoping to keep the biggest piece of the Profit Pie. Away went the Labels moved into the Movie Bizness. And the Bands suddenly found out they didn't have the Marketing skills or the distribution network. That was all done for them by that Mighty Money Machine the Record Labels. and who was there to enforce the copyrights too count & collect the Air Play fees ? Look at where we are now with out the Damn Music Barons the Greedy Bastards they were knew how to rake in the Gold.

    Best Regards, I say decide on what matters to you most ? All the little nit picking fine tuning and hours spent tweaking you projects. Or finding a quality level you can live with and pump out more finished product play a version of each to a listener, a dancer. Ask them to critique each version ( first document the time spent on each production ) and then see if all that tweaking was worth the huge part of your life lost to over doing it. Time you can get back certainly not in Atta Boys or Cash.. Looking forward to a completed song.

  • Stefan Glass

    You strumming pattern at 5.29 is wrong. A guitarplayer would play:down-up-stopp(and this stop is a downstroke)-up-down-up-stop(downstroke again)-up. In your case you would have following downstrokes on 2&2and, 3and&4&4and. Nobody would play that…Greetings from Germany and sorry for my bad english.

  • Garry

    Thanks for that tutorial, it really helped me with Real Guitars even though I use ableton with vst plugin. I would have loved to have heard the whole arrangement though 🙂

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