How to master a track in Ableton Live & upload to Soundcloud – with John Watson

►John’s full Ableton course here:
► Downloadable project files & samples
► Special slow-motion and looping video player

Full course on producing with Ableton like a pro here:

In this FREE lesson, John Watson teaches you how to master a track in Ableton Live, to make it good enough to get it onto Soundcloud, social media – good enough to play it out in bars & clubs.

This lesson is part of John’s Creative sampling course on MusicGurus in which you’ll learn everything you’ve always wanted to know about using samples in Ableton Live. In the course, John creates a track from scratch using only samples! (field recordings, vinyl, samples made during the course of his external drum machine and synth):
-How to generate ideas
-How to use samples (trim, EQ, time stretching, tuning, recording)
-Defining the structure of the track (session view, arrange view)
-Mixing – EQ & Compression

John Watson has been a producer & DJ for over a decade, working with clients such as Channel 4, BBC, Sony, touring extensively and composing with Patrick Wolf, and releasing his own music under the ‘Johnathan Krisp’ moniker for labels like Cookshop Music.

He also teaches music production at London’s Point Blank music school.

John’s gear includes:
-Korg Microkorg
-Doepfer Dark Energy synth II
-Korg Electribe
-Macbook pro with Ableton Live
-Stereo sound card with MIDI interface
Mixing and production in Ableton Live

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