How to Make Melbourne Bounce Bass in Ableton’s Analog Synth

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Hey guys and gals, Ian Gallagher (aka DJ IBG) here today to delve a little bit into a sound design tutorial on “Melbourne bounce” bass. If you’re unaware of this genre, over the past couple years this style of electro house has proven itself a formidable dance-floor beast. Arguably the little brother of Dutch house, these Melbourne vibes have travelled far beyond the Aussie shoreline and captured the hearts of producers worldwide.

As you might have guessed by now…I’m one of them! In addition to its infectious groove, I love the simplicity of Melbourne bounce, as well as its often playful, humorous undertones. But don’t get me wrong, Melbourne bounce gets the party started.

I thought I’d take a quick breather from a Melbourne-style track I’m producing to show you how I created my Melbourne bounce bass sound using Ableton’s built-in Analog synth. Of course, not all Melbourne bounce basses are the same (thankfully), but a lot of them have a plucky, old school analog vibe, equal parts sleazy and infectious. That’s the vibe I wanted to capture with my track.

The cool thing about creating Melbourne bounce bass lines is that it doesn’t have to be difficult. Ok, ok, sometimes you do need rocket-science level complexity in sound design; but today I want to walk you through how the ingredients for a nasty, funky, sub-rattling bass line are just a few clicks away.

So if you’re a fan of Will Sparks, Deorro, Uberjak’d, TJR, Joel Fletcher and the like I’d love to show you how you can get started creating bass lines for your own Melbourne-inspired productions. I’ll show you how I chose oscillators, assign Macros, utilize LFOs, and add audio effects to sweeten up the sound. To top it off, I’ve made the rack I made available for free download, simply head on over to Warp Academy and enter your email address to grab it!

Free Download: Grab my free Melbourne bounce bass rack here:
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