How to Install Cubase | Getting Started with Cubase Pro 9

Get your eLicenser, activation code and Cubase sequencer software ready. We’re going to jump straight in and install and activate Cubase so you are ready to start making music. It’s easy! We’ll also cover the Steinberg HUB and some all important file management tips and quickly have you recording with Cubase.

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  • Pj Lee

    I downloaded it on my mac but when i go two open it
    Some reason it brings me back two the istallation page y help please 2009 mac 2duo upgraded two el captain

  • The Frantic Traveler

    When I start the demo version, it prompts me to "Start License Activation", but clicking the button has no effect (i.e. nothing at all happens). Any idea what's wrong? The eLicenser software is installed, and the key is registered already.

  • Jamil Saez

    hello thnx, i have cubase element 6. but I have problems to install it from my old Mac on my new iMac of 2017. everything goes wel and when everything is set and I open cubase it won't work very well it gets stuck. so now I am also afraid to upgrade it to cubase pro 9. and the new Mac have not a cd drive so I can not use my cubase cd to install, can somebody help me or send me a link for help. thnx

  • Nikhar Juneja

    Do I need a USB e licenser to upgrade from cubase elements 9 to cubase pro 9 ? I have an activated cubase elements 9 in my PC. Do I need to necessarily purchase 'usb' e licenser ? I'm from India and shipping cost is to high for USB. Can't I just type the license from ELCC ?

  • Ali Al Yousuf

    Unfortunately it will take a long time and expensive shipping cost for me to upgrade from Elements to Pro, can I purchase a Steinberg dongle separately from one of our local retails and then upgrade to Pro through the website ? Or it should only be done with the dongle provided with the upgrade?

  • Aryan SINGH

    hii I am totally confused over the online download version of cubase and box version of cubase actually I want to buy cubase elements but on official website there is online download version of cubase is version is not available plZ tell me which one is best option I am totally confused and on the other side why box version is not available and when it will be available plzz plzz reply me as soon as possible…

  • Richard Domínguez

    Hey, I just installed Cubase Pro 9 trial and when I try to open the program it appears "I did not find any valid license" I start activation of license and I put the code that they gave me in mail and I put it and it says to me that there is no – selleccionable licenseer that I do in that case? I need the fast program because I have a pending project and this I did not expect because I had experience with the previous version.

  • Ivar bryn Isaksen

    Thank You for answering:-) I found out what to do ,and you are right,I bought a update from Elements.Just had to drag and drop the Elements elicenser into the USB and start the process,eventually it was a new happy day 🙂 Thanks again

  • Ivar bryn Isaksen

    Hello, i cant Get the Cubase pro 9 activated,I have updated eLc to and registered USB serial in my steinberg account.
    I have opened the eLc and entering the activation code,but it says"No license to upgrade selectable"
    I use Windows 10 ,and I downloaded the Cubase pro 9 from There was no problem activating Cubase 9 elements.
    I also try to register elicenser/software & enter download access code,but it doesn't work. The response is : Activation code not found. Make sure that the code has been entered in the elicenser control center.
    Well that's my problem ……..I can't get my activation code inside the USB elicenser!!! So anybody knows what to do ,please help.

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