How To Compose Epic Orchestral Music in Cubase 9!

In this video I compose a short 8 bar epic orchestral piece from scratch to give an insight into composing for an orchestra in Cubase 9.

The piece is super rough! I would usually spend a lot more time than this when composing but for the sake of the video I had to rush through it a bit. I normally have some manuscript paper next to me to work out harmonies and keep track of everything.

The VST’s I’m using are from Native Instruments Symphony Essentials, the percussion is from Stormdrum and the gong is from EWQLSO Gold. I’m running them through Kontakt 5 Player.


Apologies for the sound cutting out towards the end, I had to switch to a different ASIO driver in order to record the audio and microphone together in OBS. The driver couldn’t handle it!


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  • Ian J. Schulz

    Hey man, I'm looking at Symphony Essentials right now and I'm seeing that they have Symphony Essentials – Collection for $399, and Symphony Series – Collection for $999. I'm not seeing what the difference is though. Do you know exactly what the difference is between these two products?

  • Winston C

    Thought u did a really good job man…didn't care for the flute track, but hey that's just me lol. the descending 4 chords didn't sound right to my ears and the 2 chord ending to the flute track to me should've sustained a bit longer at a lower octave. It's all subjective I know, just my 1 cent. Great job!

  • Domek Gebrit

    I have Cubase Artist 9.5 and cannot_reproduce the blaring sound of your trombone. I even tried to optimize the sound with playing with equalizer and reverb. But – no luck. Can you explain how to get the sound of the trombone? When I use "modulation", it does not increase the volume but seems to vary the pitch. So I use "Expression", which seems to increase the volume but not prorgressively add this metal-like, blaring sound you get. What's the trick?

  • NigelBN1

    Liam Hi. Wow! I've been in a band with mates for about 40 years. We write our own stuff and occasionally indulge our fantasies by going into the studio with some friends who can play instruments we can't. Sometimes they're hard to line up when we need them, and even when they are they don't always have much time. So I'm getting into the world of midi to show them at least a rough idea of what we seek, which maybe with my own skill I could one day get to a level where a well done midi could stand the scrutiny of being included in the song in its own right. I'm learning fast and loving it, but all I was looking for on YT was a basic how to set up a score and time signature from a midi file hat's just been created by playing alongside the existing incomplete WIP recording rough mix from the studio. So when I hit upon this video I was all for moving on and finding something more appropriate and basic. But you had me hooked! What you showed was a far distant but just possibly attainable goal. You displayed Cubase dexterity which greatly impressed me, but wasn't completely so out of my class that I'd never be able to get somewhere near. And you made lots of almost throwaway compositional comments as you created the piece that were also incredibly helpful as insights into imaginative chording and melody etc. So all this is just to say a massive thank you for such an impressive and inspiring tutorial demo. (BTW I saw someone asking about your accent. Until I saw your picture I was sure it was Prof Brian Cox demonstrating yet another facet of his brainpower!) Nice work. Thanks. Nigel

  • Reson8s

    You don't know how glad I am that I've stumbled upon this video really good stuff and just what I've been looking to try do in my tracks. Thank you.

  • Asamiya Shin

    It's nice but personally I need explanations about the chords used and reasons for the selected notes in harmonies in all the parts. That would be very helpful.

  • Vividius

    Hi Liam – a great piece of work here. I've been looking to buy this program. I wonder – the audio instruments you are working with – are they all packaged with the program?

  • Cedi Günther

    Really nice Video, it really helped me out! The only problem i have is that my modulation doesn't work like yours. It makes more like a vibrating sound than a fade in.. Do you know how to fix that?


    Ciao..complaces for the tutorial I could know how to work with CUBASE ELEMENT 9 chord Editing .. build the chords maj minor..if you can do a video tutorial in .than

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