Glitch Hop In Ableton Live With Slynk – Track Walkthrough

I’m excited to announce that today a new course is available for you in our members area! 

This new course is by one of the most talented glitch hop producers in the scene – Slynk!

The course is called Glitch Hop In Ableton Live With Slynk.

Even if you don’t make glitch hop, I highly recommend you to check out this course, because you’ll see a true master at work, showing you his approach to the entire production process – from sound design to arrangement to mixing and mastering. 

The track itself is truly unique – Slynk is using a talkbox to create robotic style lyrics in the track. The drop is truly spectacular. If you love energetic, funk-fuelled music, you’ve gotta check it out!
music production in Ableton Live

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