Drum Slicing – New Simpler Ableton Live 9.5

Details below: Ableton Live 9.5 Drum slicing with the all new Simpler. Slicing Drum Loops, chopping drum samples, drum sampling
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Ableton Live 9.5 Update
Ableton Live 9.5 Suite Upgrade
Ableton Live 9.5 new filters
Ableton Push 2
New Ableton Push 2 Controller


Improved sampling with a fully renewed “Simpler”

Simpler received almost a full rework, a new interface, a bigger break-out display, new warping, filtering and slicing options and it now offers 3 different modes.

Simpler Slice Mode

1. Classic Mode – playback sample, loop mode, automatically warped (pitched samples keep their length)
2. One Shot Mode – trigger or gate samples, fades can be adjusted
3. Slicing Mode – slice samples across your (midi) keyboard – This mode looks like a really interesting tool for drumloop and vocal slicing / chopping / cutting. The sensitivity parameter defines the number of slices chopped from the sample. “Mono”, “Play” and “Thru” modes offer a variety of interesting playback modes. Mono: Play one slice at a time. Play: more than one slice can be played. Thru: Plays a sample to the end until you play another slice


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