Drum Maps in Cubase

This video is the first in a short series looking at working with VST drum instruments in Cubase. In this video, I set up a Drum Map from scratch in Cubase 7 using the Indie Folk expansion for EZ Drummer, but the same principle applies in all versions of Cubase that have Drum Maps as a feature and to all drum sample players.

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  • ste roller

    Can someone help, not sure this work, but I have komplete 10  and am trying to use the drum maps in Komplete 10 but  Cubase is not recognizing drm file? even though all my library is on a external hard drive. My hard drive is full with komplete 10 library so am not sure what am doing worry. Also I have gone into preference on battery 4 and its assign to my external hard drive.

    please help 🙂

  • Pfaeff

    I tried to create a drum map as you described for "EZX Made of Metal". But when I for example hit a C#-2, which should be "[Cymbal 2] – Crashed", I get a clapping sound.

    In EZDrummer 2 when I rightclick on the crash cymbal under details it says "Articulations – Crash C#-2", but in the "One-Shot Pad" (which is the clap), it also says "Articulations – Hit C#-2". How do I get the right one to fire? The GM Map seems to work fine though.

    EDIT: got it. C#-2 means "C# minus two" which is two octaves below C#0. I should have been looking for C#2 instead.

  • RTemiy

    what to do if imported midi file sounds different ?
    I mean that when i import midi, kick for example will sound like sticks
    so every time i should edit imported midi, and comare every part (

  • Uriah Graves

    So, as a Cubase user just beginning his plunge into working with a drum plugin like EZdrummer, and really just beginning his first work with a DAW in general, this video has helped a ton. Very simple, straightforward, and easy to follow. Thanks for this!

  • Eric Leland

    Paul, thanks!  I have a question. I use Alesis Performance Pad into Addictive Drums and in order to have my map "correct" (pad that I use as snare triggering a "Snare") I need to assign pads to the map (otherwise my "snare" makes a "side stick" sound and my "tom" makes a "crash" sound. Can you re-assign the keys?

  • Bill Greene

    Its a rip off…Can't map thru  Cubase…install like they tell you? …and your program cant find it…pretty shitty program…good marketing….bad lie

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